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ark servival evolved

  1. Mr_Viking

    PC  ARK Survival Evolved - Tribe mates wanted!

    Hi guys looking for a couple of players to join my tribe on the center (official server) currently there are 2 of us, we are a mid - end game tribe just breeding rexs for the bosses and could use some help. if your interested add me on steam - Xv G Star vX
  2. B

    PS4  Ark centre new under the map glitch

    We have a new glitch to get under the map and wipe anybody on the centre map, they patched all the old ones but we've found a new way in. Would like to swap for another glitch or dupe method or anything else cool I might not know
  3. S

    Question  ps4 game server port

    Hello guys I am playing ark survival evolved on server .. I got the server ip by cain and abel but the port i didnt found it can anyone get it for me? Server ip is i just need port Thx very much Admin if i posted wrong place pls place correct forum
  4. Woolf001

    Solved  Ark Dupe Glitch for my Breeding Glitch - Don't need to feed dinos pvp official

    Hello ark friends, i am looking to trade this breeding glitch i know of for knowledge of the duping glitch, we have 10 gigas raising and have gone on 4 5 min meat runs in just a week, along with 5 quetz and few other dinos, so it is very powerful glitch, pm me.
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