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    Unsolved Arena Master and Calling Cards

    Is there any way to copy the Arena Master Rank Icon and collect all Arena Calling Cards onto my account?
  2. T

    Solved Patriot Losing Mods Going Into Arena Workshop

    Just as the title says, last night I was trying to merge my Patriot that has roof lights, bull bars, and side steps to get Bennys. It is stored in the Arena Workshop Garage, and every time I press Right D-Pad to enter workshop, the roof lights, bull bars, and side steps disappear as soon as the...
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    Discovery Weird Arena Glitch

    I was watching a buddy modify his vehicle in the arena and when he was done and chose to leave the arena with the vehicle my screen went black and I spawned under the map then teleported all the way to Alamo Sea / Mount Chiliad. He also said he walked out of the arena without his car even though...
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    Discovery Arena spectator box fuzzy screen

    Dont know if theres anything that can be done from this but ive tried alot od things, basically you go to the arena where the spectator box is and join someone in a different targeting mode but dont accept(this is only so the alert comes faster). Then click on spectate FREE and you will be...
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    Patched How to Merge Bandito to a car.

    Requirements: RC Bandito and a car you want to take mods from and a car you want to give mods to, + an Arena with the Benny’s mechanic. How to get mods from RC Bandito to save to a car. For those of us who don't have a modded bandito (yet), theres still some cool stuff you can make...
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    Patched Arena invisible in first person and view frozen use mini map to nav.

    I am not sure if someone else has done this or if it can be useful, i found it when messing around with ifruit seeing if I could get something to happen and it did lol, still trying to learn so not sure if it can be used at all. This was done with invite only session but probably any. 1. On the...
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    Patched Arena Merge with rinse and repeat!

    ARENA MERGE/BENNYS MERGE *WITH RINSE & REPEAT* FOUNDERS: Luvinie Franklin (Xbox One) Madz420HD (Ps4) SPAWN @ BUNKER! Invite your friend helping to Your arena he hovers over the last page of the arena invite. You start titan of a job press O & hover on confirm quit black alert. Your friend...
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    FOUNDER LilBoobyShmurda #BoobyGang I post now so you can’t sell or take credit from LilBoobyShmurda again I work very hard on glitch This glitch let you take mods from rc bandit and put them on car in arena shop. We need way to put mods on rc and we have mod cars in arena merge once again. You...
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    Solved Arena war 2 "Finish Line´s "

    on my own arena race i have Finish line´s [/Spoiler]
  10. Blizzard Opening An ESports Arena In Los Angeles

    Blizzard Opening An ESports Arena In Los Angeles

    Blizzard is getting even more involved with competitive gaming. The World of Warcraft and Overwatch studio publisher today announced what it's calling a "state-of-the-art" venue in Los Angeles called the Blizzard Arena. Located at the famous Burbank Studios in southern California, the Blizzard...
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    What is your favorite Arena shooter?

    What's your favorite Arena shooter?
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    New competitive arena settings

    What does everyone think about the new Competitive arena settings?
  13. GamerCrates' October Arena Crate

    GamerCrates' October Arena Crate

    GamerCrates is a company that offers a variety of difference subscription box services and merchandise. Their iconic box, the GamerCrate, gives subscribers a box full of gaming merchandise. Every month has a different theme and this month’s GamerCrate was full of arena-game themed merchandise...
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