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  1. M

    Patched  Easy 80K - 150K profit from Arena War Discount Vehicles

    Requirements: Arena with modshop $767,000 (767k) Rat Truck Purchased from $37,500 (Normal) or $28,200 (Trade Price) Note - You must follow the daily sell limits!!!! Steps: Purchase Rat Truck from (use phone ingame) and deliver it to Arena Workshop Once delivered...
  2. O

    Discovery  Gta Online Glitch discovery

    Disclaimer: This is my first post here, I searched for "glitch finding/discovery" threads but found nothing, so I hope this one will be in the right place I glitched back in the days where it was easy af and for these new methods I'm just to lazy to load tons of sessions,do CESP glitches and...
  3. Menace013

    Solved  What do I absolutely need to get during these updates I missed

    I haven’t played gta online in quite some time as I haven’t played during the last two or three updates. Please help a brother out as I have a few questions. What is the purpose of the arena? Do I actually need it or can I do with out? I have 11 million and I don’t have a terrobyte, avenger...
  4. Navy Davey

    Discussion  Arena Wars to be added to the Content Creator!

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this yet.... Arena War is now included in “My Jobs”. It hasn’t yet been added to Creator. Apparently it’s going to happen although I have yet to read any official news of this. It will be an awesome addition to Creator and breathe a little life into my favorite...
  5. GlitchPolizei

    Solved  Arena war 2 "Finish Line´s "

    on my own arena race i have Finish line´s [/Spoiler]
  6. Gta Online Update Adding New Arena War Mode

    Gta Online Update Adding New Arena War Mode

    The next big update for Grand Theft Auto Online sounds like an exciting one. The "Arena War" update, as it's called, will add a competitive mode that sounds very intense. "Enter Arena War, where ruthless gladiatorial combat meets the bleeding-edge of vehicular modification technology in one...
  7. RaoulDuke

    Discussion  GTA: Online DLC 'Arena War' Out Now! [UPDATED]

    Welcome to a new era of entertainment. Time to sit down, strap in, and battle other would-be opponents in the greatest orgy of sports and automotive gladiatorial combat in human history. The most deranged vehicles! The most brutal weapons! The biggest crowds! Run your own workshop, craft your...
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