1. xStormsnoutx

    .NET  Windows Application Remover

    Hello Guys, this is my first program release on here so please be nice with me. Since Windows 8.0 there are many applications for windows and most often they are autoinstalled and the users dont want them. Since they are not easy to uninstall for amateurs I decided to write this little program...

    Release  Math madness!!

    Hey guys/girls it' been sometime since I've been active on this site. I've moved to app/mobile game making. Could I ask for you guys to review, give some feedback on one of my games? Math questions from easy to hard, All questions are timed. Basically you see how far you go and compare with...
  3. L

    Unsolved  Xbox One Running Web Apps

    Right so I was watching ITV Hub then it crashes I open it up again and get this ngl have no clue how to use the images on here so yuno just click there and I also made a video so yuno click this and so is this normal or is this just nothing...
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is Now Available in the App Store

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is Now Available in the App Store

    Liberty City. It's a dark, gritty place with a vast underground filled to the brim with crime and debauchery. With a large network of crime families and an even larger police force, it'll take everything you have to keep in the good graces of the mob and make sure you don't end up in a cell...
  5. BlueStacks 2 Announced

    BlueStacks 2 Announced

    Earlier today, Sabrina Li, the Product Manager over at BlueStacks announced that BlueStacks 2 is now available for download. They have said that this is the biggest update that they have ever pushed out for their program, which is to be expected considering this is the second version. As stated...
  6. Mvshy

    1. iOS
    Followers Fast

    I've Made a Followers Fast downloadable patch for flex which gives 60,000 coins (6000 Followers) everything works perfectly fine for the app except when you go to buy the followers it disconnects you from the server basically you have all of the 60,000 coins but you can't purchase the 6,000...
  7. Tim Cook On Removing Pre-Installed Apps

    Tim Cook On Removing Pre-Installed Apps

    I'm sure that most iPhone users are familiar with those annoying apps that you never use or have ever opened, however, Apple forces you to keep them. Well, there may still be some hope, we may actually be able to remove these apps soon. According to Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, this is something...
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