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apex legends

  1. U

    Need help with 20 bomb will boost with you if i have to; dropped many 16-17 kill games this season.

    Need help with 20 bomb, Will be willing to boost it, choked many high kill games due to being inconsistent after not playing for years
  2. V

    Working  Bot Lobbies or Orientation matches?

    So is there a new method for bot lobbies? The 3 console method doesn’t work if Smurfs account have orientation matches, it just keeps kicking my main account out when I try to join, also I heard people playing orientation matches and kills are counting, is this a new method?
  3. Headshot v1


    HEADSHOT SERVICES AND SOFTWARE JOIN OUR DISCORD DISCORD Click HERE to view our shop! Software MWII Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected APEX Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected FORTNITE Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected PUBG Status - Online Detection Status...
  4. T

    Tutorial  Boost to diamond - master

    Anyone can boost me to diamond or master? Ps: i solo q through diamond almost every season but in this season the randoms are just brain dead! PSN: tilemaxos_GR Add me and send a message: BOOST
  5. J

    Tutorial  Who is Vantage in Apex Legends? Season 14 Legend abilities, leaks, rumors

    Respawn has now confirmed that Vantage will be the next character arriving on the Apex Legends roster on August 9. Here’s everything we know so far about the Season 14 Legend and her abilities. With every seasonal update, Respawn adds another character to the ever-growing Apex Legends roster and...
  6. P

    Apex legends 4k damage badge [FREE]

    Apex legends badge boosting free just message me all you need is a mic and maybe 30 min
  7. W

    Need 4 people to boost with on apex

    Looking for people to boost with 4k badges I have 2 people already need 4 trying to get 4k badges drop gamer tag to get added
  8. teb

    Tutorial  How To Get Into Bot Lobbies | Apex Legends

    Hey guys, so as everyone that is reading this knows, Apex Legends has a ROUGH SBMM setting. I have found how to get around this and figured I’d post it as I’ve had people come to me about this issue. Step 1: Load Trios Step 2: Turn off Fill Matchmaking Step 3: Start a match Step 4: Choose your...
  9. aaronaj222

    Tutorial  Official APEX Bot Lobby Method by Clutch

    If you have any question you can hit me up on here. Solo Method (Three consoles(pc or console)/ two smurf and one main) You take the smurf/fresh account that has *played one game and died to lower the KD* , you then should be in a party by yourself. Main account and smurf add each other...
  10. CaptainCrypto

    Apex Legends Bot Lobby Service | Easy 20k / 4k Badges

    Hi everyone, I offer boosting services on Apex Legends. I can put you in a lobby full of players who aren't familiar with the game (bot lobbies). You can use these lobbies to easily boost yourself 20 kill / 4k damage badges. The method I use is very safe and unbannable and no matter what you...
  11. Nemo_


    HEY EVERYONE :tongue:, There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends. So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well. Things we need: 1. two Consoles/ Friends 2. you will need your friend to use a smurf...
  12. F

    Discussion  Another Rampage exploit lets players swap weapons faster in Apex Legends

    Apex Legends players have uncovered a fresh issue with the charged up Rampage and Sentinel as they can now switch weapons faster for an advantage in fights. At the back end of 2021, the Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle became pretty problematic in Apex Legends thanks to exploits with...
  13. F

    Discussion  Best guns in Apex Legends Season 12: Ultimate weapon tier list

    Apex Legends boasts two dozen deadly weapons to pick from in Respawn’s battle royale, but which truly are the best guns in Apex Legends? Here’s our Apex Legends weapon tier list to help you be crowned Champion of the Arena in Season 12: Defiance. You should also get acquainted with our tier...
  14. F

    Discussion  Apex Legends devs finally adding leavers penalty to Control LTM

    Respawn Entertainment are cleaning up some of the issues with the new Control LTM in Apex Legends, as they’ll finally be adding a leavers penalty for those players who abandon their squads. With the arrival of Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance, Respawn Entertainment brought in Control as the...
  15. F

    News  Apex Legends leak reveals location of “live action” dogfight teaser for Season 12

    An Apex Legends leaker has revealed that a “live-action” dogfight teaser for Season 12 will be kicking off on January 21 on Storm Point. when leakers discovered a set of files indicating that a pre-season event was going to take place in January, it got players speculating over what the devs...
  16. Apex Ranks

    Paid Service  | Apex Legends Ranked Boosting | Very Fast | 48 Hours Bronze - Predator |

    Apex Legends Ranked Boosting We provide boosting services to get you from your current rank to your desired rank. We go from bronze all the way to Predator. We also provide arena, kills, and wins services. Here is a list of our services. Our services are for all platforms. Battle Royale...
  17. Nemo_


    HEY EVERYONE,:tongue: There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends. So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well. Things we need: 1. Island map 2. Flyers & the death box they have 3. OCTANE OR HORIZON NOTE...
  18. Nemo_


    This will show you how to boost in arenas ranked and regular arenas lets get started!! Things we need: 1. 4 -5consoles or 4-5friends 2. Apex Legends NOTE: You will need apex accounts and consoles How to do it: 1. Disable cross-play on all accounts or players 2. Create 2 lobbies and...
  19. Nemo_


    HEY EVERYONE,:tongue: There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends. So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well. Things we need: 1. two Consoles 2. Shadow banned accounts NOTE: You will need shadow...
  20. teb

    Discussion  Anyone still play Apex?

    Does anyone still play Apex? I haven't really seen it getting any less active lately, it seems that with the release of Season 9, there have been even more players on the game and LFG posts.
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