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    News Reversed Season 6 Launch Trailer | Just Watch | Apex Season 6 | Makes More Sence

    In this post I want you guys to check for yourself. If you look at the video trailer reversed it makes more sense.:what:
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    Ok, So I went into a game of apex and I saw someone doing this to me in the middle of a team fight. So I search "unlimited emp glitch apex" this pops up and I see this video I used it easy 4k with crypto. Jump and get your 4k while it's working!!!!
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    Unsolved Apex Legends Lag Glitch

    Anyone have any idea how this guy is doing this?
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    Apex BOOST

    Hey, guys, I am looking to host some boosting lobbies on apex looking for some people I need at least 60 people online let's fill up a lobby easy 20 kill games and 4ks for everyone just join the discord link: https://discord.gg/7EnXGdh
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    Tutorial Peacekeeper Reload Animation Skip. (Fully Auto PK)

    This is probably well known but im putting it on here just in case. Probably not practical to use in game but its pretty fun to learn. I did this on console (xbox) so my tutorial is for console/controller players. Im sure this can be done easier on pc with use of auto-clickers and stuff...
  6. Apex Legends’ Locked Loot Vaults Can Now Be Opened

    Apex Legends’ Locked Loot Vaults Can Now Be Opened

    Apex Legends’ new map, World’s Edge, is only a week old and there are still secrets to find. The latest of these is about the game’s mysterious loot vaults which players could see when the map launched, but haven’t been able to open. Until now. The vaults appeared when World’s Edge was first...
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    Solved Mod menus for apex PS4??

    Hey I’m new here and was wondering if there are any mod menus available for apex on the PS4 and a walkthrough on how to use it/install it. I’m a noob when it comes to any sort of mod menus I have been in modded lobbies before but as far as having an understanding of how to work a mod menu I have...
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    Unsolved Apex Help?

    Hey guys anyone have an Issue with Apex over Weekend I was having issues with load screen and getting in and all. . .any info would be huge help. . thanks in advance. . . . TK
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    Patched APEX LEGENDS: INFINITE PHASE GLITCH! (Unlimited phase glitch) Ghost Mode :p

    What's up se7ensins, Here is a nice glitch you can use to be unseen around the map and use your phase ability unlimited times anywhere on the map and at any time you want! ENJOY :tongue: Video Tutorial and example of the glitch working - Text Tutorial: -Have your ultimate ability full -Go to...
  10. Apex Legends Season 2 Patch Notes

    Apex Legends Season 2 Patch Notes

    Apex Legends season 2 is bringing with it some of the most substantial balance changes the game has ever had. On top of rebalancing certain weapons and heroes, the patch for the new season also altered the map and even added a new Legend: Wattson. Wattson is a more defensive hero than any that...
  11. How Apex Legends' Daily And Weekly Challenges Will Work

    How Apex Legends' Daily And Weekly Challenges Will Work

    Respawn Entertainment has detailed the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass challenge system. On the game's website lead product manager Lee Horn said the implementation "should allow for significantly greater Battle Pass progress with less grind over less time for players who return on a regular...
  12. Free Apex Legends Skins And More Coming To Twitch Prime Members

    Free Apex Legends Skins And More Coming To Twitch Prime Members

    With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, Twitch is getting in on the action with a whole host of giveaways and events. That includes exclusive in-game goodies for Respawn's popular battle royale shooter, Apex Legends, as well as content for several EA Sports franchises. Then on July 13...
  13. Respawn Details Apex Legends’, Season 2 Weapon Improvements

    Respawn Details Apex Legends’, Season 2 Weapon Improvements

    We’ve known Apex Legends is getting a new light machine gun (LMG) in season 2 since Respawn announced it back at EA Play, but we didn’t have many details. The developer released a season 2 weapon preview on Tuesday that shows off what we can expect from the new L-STAR LMG, as well as a few other...
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    Working [Xbox,PS4 + PC]Game Breaking Apex Legends Glitch! No Timer! Out Of Bounds Glitch , Easy Streaks/Wins

    Hey se7ensins, Here is the out of bounds glitch a friend and I had found, and I posted about the other day. This glitch allows you to walk on the mountains for however long you want, Because there is no timer at all during the match. You can also land on the ground, grab a...
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    Working Apex Legends: NO "RETURN TO THE BATTLE!" Timer Glitch (should this be released?)

    Hey se7ensins, here is another glitch a friend and I had found. This glitch allows you to walk on the mountains for however long you want, and there is no timer at all. Meaning you can land on the ground and re-deploy back up onto the mountains or somewhere high and again not have to worry about...
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    Patched APEX LEGENDS: Unlimited Gas Trap Glitch *NEW*

    Hey se7ensins, Back with another glitch for apex legends. This allows you to throw down unlimited gas traps and very fast. Obviously the game only allows 6 at a time but with this you can toss down the traps fast enough to get more then that for a short period of time...
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    Working Apex Legends under map/ out of map / breach glitch

    enjoy if you like check out my channel Www.youtube.com/znyva
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    GAMEBREAKING lifeline health glitch

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    Working Apex Legends: SUPER JUMP Glitch - Stick Jump Pads and Gas Traps on Gibraltar Glitch!!

    Hey se7ensin, Back with a fun glitch you can use to jump around the map or get some funny reactions walking around with multiple gas traps on your shield. This is glitch is very easy to do and looks very funny. A video showing and explaining it: Text Tutorial: You or a friend Need to pick...
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    Working Apex Legends Real XP Glitch / Survival Time Glitch - INSANE XP

    Hey what's up 7's Here is another apex legends glitch. All you need to do for this glitch is follow the same legends glitch I posted and suspend the game a little longer. Here is a video showing it stack XP and me explaining it This was on PS4 but will work on PC and xbox as well Text...
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