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    Tutorial Specular - Oddity - ESP/AIMBOT Release.

    Hey 7S, Bout time i released this after not working on it for a while. This update includes; New UI More Options Stable Spinbot Better Aimbot More ESP Options Class Features Removed Pre Game Menu (for now) Includes mostly everything from v1 with improved stability. Removed Design...
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    Unsolved MW3 Specular Offhost Not Loading

    I am trying to load Specular for Mw3 and it's not loading. I put the "dll_load.dll" in MW3 Directory and nothing happens... Any Help? (FIXED) if anyone else is having this problem LOAD THE DLL as "XeniumMW3.dll"
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    requesting H1Z1 Kokt Hacks!

    Hello i want some cheats for kokt, i dont need the best ones, but i want som advantages like esp or aimbot :D
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    Discussion NiNJA new video showcasing Black Ops 3 offhost menu! (BRAND NEW)

    Perfect TU6 BO3 Bypass + cheats! BO3 OFFHOST AIMBOT XEX DROPPED. REBOOT TO GET IT!!!
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    Discussion Wallhack on CSGO

    Anyone know a real way to get wall hack on csgo ? online
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