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    Tutorial [XBOX] Play Xbox Only On Warzone!

    This way was founded, not by me, by someone else who I do not know of, it was simply passed on to me but been as no one knows about it and it’s not on here I thought I’d share. 1. XBOX Settings 2. Privacy & Online Safety 3. XBOX Live Privacy 4. View details and customize 5. Communications and...
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    Patched 21 items on 1 class! - 6 Attachments and 6 perks (16/10 slots used)

    You should now have 21 items being used taking up 16 of your 10 slots. 1 Primary 6 Attachments 1 Secondary 1 Gear 6 Perks 3 Primary Gunfighter Wildcards 3 Perk Greed Wildcards Video Tutorial:
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    Patched 15/10 Custom class extra perks attachments ect...

    Founder: ME :biggrin: Proof: I can provide Screenshot if needed, but just try it, it works! Hi everyone! Today i have found a glitch that is similar to the camo duplication glitch posted yesterday. What this glitch can do is allow you to add above the normal 10/10 limit for items in a custom...
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