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    Video $602,180 Profit in 1hr 40 min, with the Terrorbyte, CEO Cargo! GTA Online, After Hours DLC

    I tried to hit the CEO Cargo "Rare Items" with the Terrorbyte. In about an hour and forty minutes I incurred $106,900 in expenses and made $709,080... netting $602,180 profit... not counting the $19,000 that was in my nightclub safe and the around $70,000 in product my nightclub produced that I...
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    Patched Terrorbyte Rare Item Exploit, Buy 3 Crates, CEO Cargo, $602,180 Profit in 1hr 40 min w/luck.

    The After Hours DLC has brought us a new exploit for an old way of making money. You will need: A Terrorbyte CEO Crate Warehouse/CEO Office Your CEO assistant calling with an opportunity for a "rare item" You must have collected at least 20 crates and then your assistant will start calling you...
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    Tutorial How To FIX Vehicles Despawning

    Good to know;) Luckily I didn’t have that happen myself. Probably because I saved over a car when I bought my Scramjets on PS4 accounts... I bought them to empty garages on Xbox/PC and still haven’t had this issue. They save just fine.:biggrin: Must be subjective to the conditions the particular...
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    Discussion The Terrorbyte Drone

    How many have used it yet? Have to say that I think it is hilarious. I've had so much fun with this already that I almost forgot about the new oppressor. I also get the feeling it doesn't show on the mini map so when you are circling people and shocking them it just makes it that much funnier...
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    Solved Possible Time Advancement?

    So, with the new After Hours update, it takes a while for the nightclubs to start becoming lucrative or even pay for themselves. So, I was wondering if there might be a possible way to make GTA Online think that more time has advanced than has actually occurred. Like, say multiple days going by...
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    Discovery I experienced a weird action and invisible gun glitch after After Hours update, looking for method

    My friend found a strange and hilarious glitch with the new actions added with the After Hours update. He was stuck doing the cat's cradle action and wasn't able to get out of it (despite multiple punches and falls from heights) until he pulled out a weapon, which once he pulled it out, was...
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    Solved Access content early?

    New account here. I've seen people on Twitter and Reddit who have accessed unreleased content from After Hours such as the locked DJs and vehicles such as the Terrabyte and was wondering how I would go about doing this? I have looked this up on Google and Reddit with no results. Any guidance or...
  9. GTA 5 Online's Big After Hours Update Out Now

    GTA 5 Online's Big After Hours Update Out Now

    Rockstar Games has rolled out another batch of new content for Grand Theft Auto V. The massive After Hours update for GTA Online is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing new vehicles, the ability to own and operate a nightclub, and more to the online mode. Nightclubs are the update's...
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