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  1. VinnyHaw

    New Window

    Here's the breakdown of a quick shot that I edited
  2. VinnyHaw

    Show Off  USA Gay Bomb PSA

    The United States has spent the past 6 decades hiding its secret that it dropped a gay bomb onto North Korea in 1950, but no longer will that secret stand!
  3. VinnyHaw

    Show Off  Ice Table

  4. 505_

    Handy Seamless Transitions | PLUGIN | 30+ Transitions | Shake, Distort etc!

    Hi! This is a Handy Seamless Transitions plugin for After Effects since I found this in my after effects I thought I would release it. Not sure if it's still being sold or if it's free again, but this is an old version and most likely out-dated. But it still has a lot of transitions. I will add...
  5. Twain

    1. Windows
    Adobe After Effects being painfully slow

    Hey, so i just downloaded After Effects CC 2017 a few days ago and i have some really annoying performance issues with it. 1. If i hide or show a layer it sometimes takes up to 15sec to update the composition preview 2. Previewing 25secs of a 1080p 60fps video takes up to 10min 3. Rendering a...
  6. vRice

    New 2D Intro - After Effects - First attempt in over a year!

    So I'm a university student and I need to be able to use Adobe After Effects for multiple reasons, anyway this is the first time I've used the program in over a year, almost two I think! So let me know what you guys think.
  7. Gummby

    Patched  GTA V - 4 Integrity Way Apartment Area Wallbreach

    Greetings Kids, Welcome back to The Dork Group's instructional tutorials. In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach 4 Integrity Way Apartment Area. I have not seen this wallbreach posted here before - so I believe I am the founder of this wallbreach - at least here. If it...
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