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    Working 🔥😈XBOX1 AFK LINKS😈🔥

    😈 XBOX1 AFK LINKS 😈 So for the better of the Xbox1 GTA Community I have decided to risk it and post my AFK links Publicly!!! So here we go!!! In my favorite order...... #1 jw460 15/7 AFK This was my first attempt at a 15/7 after Navy Davey told me the theory And I have not been able to top...
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    Ignore; Request was completed

    Looking for a PC player to AFK with DAILY, all day, every day (not overnight though). We will be using my own playlist which pays good RP. Would prefer someone with central or eastern timezone in U.S.
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    Managed to make an AFK Script for the mission (Fortified) (Macro Only) I am using a (CronusMax Plus) link here if interested in purchase This Is The Link to the Download Script Requirements 1. The Armored Boxville (Special Vehicle)...
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    Solved Nightclub AFK Money patched ?

    When Im afk and my Nightclub runs I dont get any money anymore in my storage. Its not full and all bikerbusinesses are running. Is there anyone with the same prob ?
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    Patched SOLO XP afk lobby (PS4 ONLY)

    In spec ops go to private match open custom game Change mode to survival Change map to Piccadilly Start game Run Ontop of the buses and go prone with 1 enemy remaining. When done just die or leave game and go to multiplayer and play a game online to save the XP
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    Solved Is there an Anti kick method for AFK? Help needed please

    Guys and girls, with red deads anti afk booting out rubber banders is there any other easy way of sorting out a movement to the joy stick periodically to keep you in the game?.. Looking for any ideas, even if there is a simple enough machine to make that would of course do this.. Thanks in...
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    All **NEW CREW** All AFK matchmaker - OPEN ENROLLMENT

    Created just a few moments ago "All Afk MatchMaking" Crew Open Enrollment, Join Now and be the first 1000 people in. First come first serve. All skill sets welcome. Share your playlists and jobs there & Meet others who want to afk also. Want to use the invite crew button? Now yall can :)...
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    Working NOT PATCHABLE: Freemode **100% Solo OR w/ Friends/CEO** AFK (RP Farming)

    ******FREEMODE (NO JOBS)******* ***100% SOLO or w/ Friends*** ***200RP ROUGHLY EVERY 1m15s*** ***NO OTR REQUIRED*** Lemme know if yall have seen this posted or if im a duplicate :wink: I've seen similar threads, but only coupled with off the radar glitches and the use of a helicopter on top of...
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    So since Gun game is back you are now able to afk quests and challenges from either questmaster or HQ. Not a new glitch or anything but nice to know for people who dosnt. You can find gun game under party games category I DID'NT FIND THIS AFK METHOD. 1. Join a Gun game lobby 2. Stay afk and...
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    Patched SOLO FREEMODE SEMI AFK RP 16-24000RP/10mins x1.5/w friend

    If you want to find someone to do this with you DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD asking or sharing your GT to ask go to matchmaking, sorry but it's a site rule Credit goes to me CBD420 as well as Native Pride 1988 for his finding of being able to use the...
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    1. You Need a Dlc Gun Contracts 2. Start Gun game 3. Go AFK and You Get the Contract Video:
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    Patched Easy AFK in MOC. Stay in session

    So I found this last night and it worked for 8 hours straight while I slept lol requirements: MOC with command center use closed friend/public session. this will not work in an invite only session Go in MOC wherever it is (not the bunker) Go to the turrets in the command center Stand where...
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    COD WW2 Boosting CTF !

    must know what to do!!! 2 controllers 2 accounts mic is optional but would really help add me:
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    PS4 Gran Turismo Sport - Exploit AFK (distance, time, fuel, credits, golden miles)

    With this AFK exploit u can get boosting of some stats needed for achivments. Earn tropyies from game - 806km driven on oval race track - 3945km driven on any track - 24h of time driven on tracks Boosting game achivents (directly) - Time in game - Distance driven - Time that u drive -...
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    Patched AFK in session. Stay online with no alert screens/join friends/disconnects etc.

    I've noticed people only realize this when I say something. If it's already a thread go ahead and lock or delete. I found this when I felll asleep 1 night waiting to request PV. tested this morning. 11AM EST If this is the first Post on this and you use it in a video. give me credit ;P 1. Be in...
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    Patched earn kd & rp remotely. custom job, no ammo required. any rank can play. Semi-AFK

    UPDATE: Rockstar broke hundreds of jobs with the new smugglers run. I managed to figure out how to get it working again... but had to start from scratch. the old jobs and playlists STILL DONT WORK! FIXED!! NEW JOBS NEW PLAYLISTS requirements: 1 friend willing to lose every round (i have 2nd...
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    Working Zombies walk in AFK - Shaolin Shuffle

    On Infinite ware Zombies in the shaolin shuffle map, Go into the pack a punch room. Click the button on the left wall, go out and turn right to go through the portal. Come out of the portal and on your right side you will see a fuse box open. Grab the fuses and the fuse box door will stay open...
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    Working How to max out everything (AFK) - Get all your stats to 100%

    Want to max out your character without spending too much time? Here you can find methods to max out everything. Most can be done solo and AFK. Just click on the spoiler for the stat you want to max out. :thumbsup: German Video by Glitchsquad showing most methods:
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    Working Rave - 1st Solo AFK Round Skip Glitch

    1. Equip Reanimated 2. Buy up n Atoms 3. Find and equip the pacifier 4. Turn on power and get 5,300 pts 5. Go next to Deck Refill, activate Reanimated and down yourself, once reanimated immediately buy deck refill Works best with double pap weapon that the pacifier is on
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    Working *NEW* Zombie AFK Glitch! (EASY)

    Hey guys Here with a all new Glitch on Shadows Of Evil, All You Need To Do Is Open Up The Rift. (This works on all consoles) INSTRUCTIONS 1) Open Up A Door That Leads To The Rift 2) Open Up The Portal 3) Have Your Back Facing The Portal 4) Just Keep Holding The Left...
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