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afk exploit

  1. GlitchPolizei

    Tutorial  10.000.000 GTA $ 100% AFK + 50K RP EASY

    Earn AFK Money and RP in GTA Online 10.000.000 GTA $ 40-50 min 25k-50k RP 1-2 min You will need: GTA V Online Kiddion's Mod Menu AFK Job with 100 Rounds (10.000.000 GTA$) 40-50 min If you downloaded Kiddions and bookmarked a solo AFK job in GTA, go to an Invite-only session. (Only from...
  2. D

    Discovery  Red Dead Online Afk

    Don't know if this has already been posted but you can make a decent chunk of change by going AFK in the 32 man showdown series large by rubber banding or hair tying your controller (make sure to do it to both joysticks). With this method I made, in an hour, approximately $100-200 cash and about...
  3. Jesus

    Patched  Unlimited Specialist Glitch After Oct. 30th Patch - Blood Of The Dead

    Somebody has found out a new way so everybody can afk and get those sweet levels for master prestige. Here is a video on how to do the glitch everybody have fun! Text Guide: Get blundergat from box or ee steps Pap your random gun and leave it in the machine Put blundergat into fire place at...
  4. EyeDuDab

    All  **NEW CREW** All AFK matchmaker - OPEN ENROLLMENT

    Created just a few moments ago "All Afk MatchMaking" Crew Open Enrollment, Join Now and be the first 1000 people in. First come first serve. All skill sets welcome. Share your playlists and jobs there & Meet others who want to afk also. Want to use the invite crew button? Now yall can :)...
  5. EyeDuDab

    Working  NOT PATCHABLE: Freemode **100% Solo OR w/ Friends/CEO** AFK (RP Farming)

    ******FREEMODE (NO JOBS)******* ***100% SOLO or w/ Friends*** ***200RP ROUGHLY EVERY 1m15s*** ***NO OTR REQUIRED*** Lemme know if yall have seen this posted or if im a duplicate :wink: I've seen similar threads, but only coupled with off the radar glitches and the use of a helicopter on top of...
  6. CBD420

    Patched  SOLO FREEMODE SEMI AFK RP 16-24000RP/10mins x1.5/w friend

    If you want to find someone to do this with you DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD asking or sharing your GT to ask go to matchmaking, sorry but it's a site rule https://www.se7ensins.com/matchmaking/ Credit goes to me CBD420 as well as Native Pride 1988 for his finding of being able to use the...
  7. JerothG

    Patched  AFK RP Boost using x-mouse

    I'm not the founder of the RP boost, I've seen several threads on using either Fort Zancudo or the Prison to do it... However, I decided to play with x-mouse and make an AFK glitch/exploit for us PC users... the setup below will have you enter the Avengers hold, and back into the cockpit every...
  8. CBD420

    Patched  Easy AFK in MOC. Stay in session

    So I found this last night and it worked for 8 hours straight while I slept lol requirements: MOC with command center use closed friend/public session. this will not work in an invite only session Go in MOC wherever it is (not the bunker) Go to the turrets in the command center Stand where...
  9. AndrejS72

    PS4  Gran Turismo Sport - Exploit AFK (distance, time, fuel, credits, golden miles)

    With this AFK exploit u can get boosting of some stats needed for achivments. Earn tropyies from game - 806km driven on oval race track - 3945km driven on any track - 24h of time driven on tracks Boosting game achivents (directly) - Time in game - Distance driven - Time that u drive -...
  10. CBD420

    Patched  AFK in session. Stay online with no alert screens/join friends/disconnects etc.

    I've noticed people only realize this when I say something. If it's already a thread go ahead and lock or delete. I found this when I felll asleep 1 night waiting to request PV. tested this morning. 11AM EST If this is the first Post on this and you use it in a video. give me credit ;P 1. Be in...
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