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advanced warfare

  1. Intense ZERO G Gunfight! Modern Space COMBAT | Boundary VR (Early Access Pick)

    Intense ZERO G Gunfight! Modern Space COMBAT | Boundary VR (Early Access Pick)

    Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut, called an Astroperator, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy Astroperators.
  2. L

    Want to join boosting lobby

    PSN: Luqzerr thanks 18+
  3. B

    Question  Advanced Warfare DLC Camos RGH Download?

    Hello I Just Recently Got My RGH Console And Have Been Having So Much Fun Just Really Wanted To Find A Link Where I Could Download The DLC Camos For Advanced Warfare And Ghosts Ive Looked For Both Games And Was Looking For COD Ghosts Voice Pack Download And Couldn't Find That Either If Anyone...
  4. XeX Pineapples

    Solved  Tools used to mod the leaderboards? Black ops 2

    Could anyone help me out? Is there a tool out there to mod black ops 2 or any tools for any other Call of Duty Games for leaderboards to get to the top
  5. M

    XBLONLINE Destruction v1 Lobby

    XBLONLINE Destruction v1 Lobby Call of duty: Advanced Warfare I also host MW2, BO1, BO2, MW3 AND COD 4 STATUS: OPEN Join session If you can not join ask for invite via xbox message. GT: popadopasis I am also hosting other games through the night more than welcome to join. No music or...
  6. DexzL

    D.V1 - AW All Client Mod Menu - Offline

    How To Join Send a Private Chat to "" Then post once you're in the lobby. -------------------------------------------------------- Can My Friends Join? Yes, post their Gamertag below. -------------------------------------------------------- Important Spamming will result in a lobby ban...
  7. R

    AW  Recruiting AW(360) Clan Members

    Message my gamertag if you want in my clan. Add that you are from se7ensins in the message. First 3 People get any rank!!!
  8. T

    Question  Advanced Warfare CFW Help

    ok... really confused on aw if i disable cfw syscals via anything, ccapi(on da pc), Webman, Psn Patch it does somthing wierd, it dosnt let me click find match and when i click on anything, like make a class, or new items, it freezez i tried to load it once without the cfw syscals disabled, and...
  9. Gonzo

    Tools  Call of Duty Advanced Warfare RTE Tool Released By MsKx [{AWMT}]

    first AW publicly released tool called AWMT For some reason, everything involving RPC makes my game crash. if you know why, or a fix, please PM me. What is AWMT ?: AWMT is a tool developed in C++ to communicate with its PS4 console on firmware 1.76. It allows you to make changes to Call of...
  10. KexkiixJokerz

    IW MW3 MW MW2 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Lazer Clan

    Rules / and how to get in XBOXONE GT:AvidJokerSage -can be any age XBOX 360 GT:SageTwist -needs to be a trickshoter, sniper, editor, or a sweats -needs to be nice -doesn't have to be good -need xbox 1 or 360 Join soon<3be on 360 at 5:30 do...
  11. B

    Question  Just a little help

    Hey guys I've been searching and reading for about 4 hours and I still can't figure out what to do here. I tried to search the forums for what I need but I honestly am not even sure what I need. I searched for a wiki or tutorial but they are all short and don't explain anything. All I want to...
  12. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Help with AW modding!

    Ok so today i installed my AW on my FSD along with Bo3. I have only been modding on my RGH for a couple weeks with GTA only. I need some help and advise for modding on AW & BO3 (BO2 if i ever figure out the download). I know absolutely nothing about what i need to do to mod these games. I dont...
  13. P

    Solved  I cannot get ANY UAV takedowns with the MEHEM launcher... Can someone please help??

    I've been working on this challenge in the game for at least a month whenever I get time to. But no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, nothing is working... I've watched every YouTube tutorial on how to do this at least twice, but nothing is helping. If anyone has any kind of help for...
  14. OurGen_leader

    Our-Gen_(name) Clan//Now Recruiting

    You can have any call of duty game to be in this clan. This is a competitive clan NOT a trickshot clan. If you can trick shot and you would like to join this clan you are more that welcome. Chance of joining this clan (100%). This is a very good clan and i play all the time. Add the psn bellow...
  15. Zerga

    Video  [FUNNY MOMENTS] CALL OF THE NOOBS | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Hey lads, I uploaded a video on funny moments of me playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (COD: AW) with the lads. If you enjoyed, pls like, comment and sub :DPls enjoy :D
  16. GooseAlwaysDies

    Video  Worst Call of Duty Ever?!

    Wanted to do a Gameplay Commentary on the topic "WORST CALL OF DUTY EVER" Black Ops III drops in a couple days, and I felt this was a great time to tell you my opinion for the worst CoD? So what's yours let me know?
  17. Wiggly

    Patched  Retreat Infected Glitch (Top of Roof w/ NO HOVER)

    Guide: 1. Jump on top of the shop 2. Double jump up to the wall 3. Move to your left 4. Double jump again 5. Hold out a spike drone and crouch
  18. O

    Boosting On AW Xbox One (Open)

    If you wanna boost just send me a message on xbox GT: o iRun o Or just comment in the thread your GT XP For Days :)
  19. TotalyLegitName

    Solved  Is there a free aw bypass?

    Is there a free advanced warfare bypass like Evade for bo2?
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