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  1. BackToPray


    Status. [OPEN] CLOSED 50 Kill Games UAV & CUAV TORQ WILL GO LAST Leave your GT below to help get you in ASAP.
  2. number1genin

    Xbox One  LSBC SWAT Hiring!

    Now looking for playewr at least lvl 100 and higher for my LSBC SWAT ,ground forces division, Marksman division and aerial assault division, must be active , loyal and over all good. RnG players are a plus. We watch each other's backs and have fun. If interested please contact me at my gamertag...
  3. Arcadius13825

    Xbox 360  looking for active crew members

    if you want a crew member for gta mesage clayman101
  4. Z

    Trove Xbox One Club

    Hi I've made a club, I am currently building the club word. I'm looking for Active members. If you are interested can you coment your GT or add me on Xbox GT: Anonymous Slayz
  5. HYP3 Mainstream

    HYP3 Gaming

    Starting a pro clan on Xbox one. The group is called HYP3 gaming. Message me for info on Xbox live. Stay HYP3 - HYP3 Mainstream (GT)
  6. DefiantDucky

    PC  The Red Talons Paramilitary Clan: 32 Active members! Daily missions!

    Clan Name: The Red Talons Theme: Vigilante Paramilitary Clan Tag: RTAL Gaming Base: PC Only Social Club link: http://socialclub.ro.../the_red_talons Leader Username: DefiantDucky Clan Website: http://theredtalons.tk/ Clan Goals: A Paramilitary themed clan providing older players with an...
  7. DefiantDucky

    PC  The Red Talons (Paramilitary Clan) 18 +

    The Red Talons 'et superare pervincere' We are the Red Talons, A paramilitary styled gaming community which is founded on teamwork, cooperation and organisation without restrictions and limitations, we are not a serious clan or not mil-sim, just themed and organised as such and players can...
  8. T

    PC  Archangels Motorcycle Club - experienced, friendly players + TeamSpeak

    Are you interested in joining a Motorcycle Club on GTA V Online? We are a PC-only MC, who have been riding together since GTA V came out on PC. We are currently one of the largest and most active MC's on PC, covering a wide variety of timezones. If you were to join us, we don't expect you to...
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