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  1. X

    I need people for get online achievements. someone?

    seems dead in halo 5 online so i need any people for running this and earn some achievement.
  2. mxvzs

    Question  Gamerscore modding w/ Velocity

    Hello everyone, I have been using Velocity (for a few months now) only to mod some achievements that are unobtainable as of today due to server closures because I hate not 100% games. I was obviously very cautious with that, only unlocking around 20 achievements every 2-3 weeks and changing the...
  3. M

    Question  Halo MCC, Halo 5 & Halo Wars 2 Xbox one achievement modd

    Hello! Is anyone able to help mod the achievements of a few halo games for me? Mainly for Halo MCC, Halo wars 2 and Halo 5 on Xbox one. I am able to mod Xbox 360 games but in able to mod Xbox one ? I mainly want Halo MCC achievements to be modded if I could only choose 1 Thanks!
  4. perkinua soma

    Support  Is there a program that can fool TrueAchievements' detection ? Do you want more info on how they detect it?

    So TrueAchievements can detect some of the achievements you have unlocked using a profile editor. Namely online achievements/achievements that has an online date. I've heard that they can pinpoint it down to the microsecond like .0000 so that's how they assume it's edited. Now more specifically...
  5. I

    Discussion  A somewhat odd question about achievement editing tools

    Can you edit the unlock time of already obtained achievements?
  6. Jessyskullkid

    Discussion  Xbox 360 Achievement Modding 2021

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've last modded achievements on the 360. I've only modded about two individual achievements back in the day and it was for GOW 2. Is Horizon still functioning for the unlocker? I'm trying to unlock some Halo achievements that will no longer be obtainable...
  7. B

    Unlocking specific xbox 360 achievements and making them show as if they were done online

    To preface, I do have a modded console to use any tools on. Is there any tools to unlock achievements of your choice while in a game? I want to unlock certain achievements and make them show as if they were unlocked online (When they show the date they were unlocked, they were done online). I...
  8. Perturbator

    B01 X360 Zombie Mod menus working with USB

    Hi! Im looking for a good zombie mod menu to complete some achievements. I've been really enjoying MW, BO2, WAW etc mods and they are abundant but it seems that many BO1 require modded console etc. Can you suggest any good mods which i can setup with USB? Im cool with offline / single player...
  9. dewil216

    Question  Unlink xbox live from RGH account?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to unlink xbox live from my account. I have a bunch of games with 0 achievements and want to remove them but apparently I need to sign in to xbox live to do that, I didn't even know this account has some sort of xbox live credentials. If not then maybe...
  10. D

    Discussion  GTA IV Mod Xbox Achievements Help

    Can someone help me unlock a few multiplayer achievements with a mod on Xbox? I would really appreciate it! My gamertag on Xbox Live is HeadBangingNun.
  11. H

    Mcc matchmaking achievements

    I'm looking to get 100 on halo mcc. I have 4 controllers and am looking for someone who can help me get the achievements. If you need some too or would like to boost I would love to help.
  12. A7Gamer

    Question  Offline Profile with almost all games and achievements unlocked download?

    hi! if u didn't understood i mean i want an profile without add gpd and modding i mean backup... anybody?
  13. Maxilos9999

    Looking for someone with 4 controllers to boost matchmaking achievements with 8 ffa

    Only have 8 achievements left and I need someone to boost with. GT: Maxilos9999
  14. A

    World at war achievement

    Hey guys, I've done all the achievements in COD WaW (Xbox 360) and there's one which I did 3-4 times (Campaign on hardened or veteran) but who hasn't unlocked, is there someone here who can make mods to help me get the achievement please, it would be really nice!
  15. S

    Working  Second Profile achievement glitch in Battlefield Hardline and other games XBO

    There seems to be a glitch that unlocks a majority/all achievements on a secondary profile on XBO for some games, as long as one profile has them unlocked already. It's known to work for Battlefield Hardline and some other games too, but no one actually talks about how it is done. Does anyone...
  16. Fadexz

    Question  [Request/Help] Looking for someone with an RGH to help collect a lot of GPDs

    Hey, I am trying to collect as many GPDs (game achievement files) as possible. If anyone has an RGH with a large hard drive, can download lots of games and would like to be helpful I may need your help. I know someone that had all this GPDs that was a friend of a friend anyway basically I...
  17. PUBG Mobile Update Adds War Mode, Clan System, And More

    PUBG Mobile Update Adds War Mode, Clan System, And More

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile's new update adds War Mode, an achievement system, exclusive skins, and more to the game. The update arrives for the mobile title a month after a first-person perspective mode was added in June. PUBG Mobile is based on the PUBG for Xbox One and PC. The game...
  18. S

    Can someone help me get the hard achievements in Trials Fusion?

    I need the 2 squirrels that require playing most of the track without faulting, the 6 buttons and the cactus acid trip one. I need Full Throttle 3, Unyielding 2 and 3, and inferno 4? At least for now those are the ones I need.
  19. Xbox One Achievements Receiving "Fundamental Changes," Microsoft Says

    Xbox One Achievements Receiving "Fundamental Changes," Microsoft Says

    Xbox One's Gamerscore offers players a way to compare their Achievements with friends, but for those who only play a small number of titles, it doesn't necessarily reflect their level of skill or the amount of time they've devoted to a game. Because of this, Microsoft has teased that a...
  20. Yeehawlerz101

    Discussion  Xbox 360 GPD Collection

    Hi, I'm looking to collect all of the .gpd's from Xbox 360 games. If you have a .gpd that is not on the list I would happily accept it and add it to my list. My list contains over 470 (879 as of edit) games, and I'm working on getting it to around 1,000. I'll have a spoiler list with all of the...
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