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  1. E

    Question  trinity RGH matrix install gone wrong

    I wanted to rgh my Xbox 360 Slim trinity for cheap. Bought a Matrix Nand flasher (MTX SPI Flasher V1.0) + ACEv5 so i dont have to deal with timing files. The following Steps worked fine: 1. Sodering the Matrix programmer to the mainboard. 2. Reading Nand in 2 identical Reads without major...
  2. L

    Question  X360 Ace V3 Missing resitor

    Hey guys! So, again another issue I have ordered an Ace V3 for it to have arrived and to be missing the C3 resistor. I have left the chip in the anti-static bag so apologies in advance for the poor picture. I'm wondering should I send the chip back before I use it or should it be fine. Thanks...
  3. M

    Question  RGH attempts glitch then RROD... possible borked Ace chip?

    Console is a Corona V2 w/ a 16mb NAND So I installed my Ace v4.1 chip, and my console powers on, and the green light on the Ace chip flashes as if it is attempting the glitch. Then the console RROD. Sometimes, if I unplug power and back in, the red light stays on. But if I leave it unplugged...
  4. BenJGrimm

    Solved  x360 ACE v5 Question for Corona 4GB

    There is not much on these little chips so looking for anyone's input on these for a Corona 4GB - Before I buy. I know v3's are always awesome but wanted something more updated and possibly a better solution now I have looked at a handful of shaky video work and some sentences here and there...
  5. ilikefredy

    Solved  Ace V5 Red Power Brick & Questions

    Hello, I purchased a few official Ace V5 chips for my Trinity Xbox 360 as I was sick of receiving official Ace V3 chips that did not post (to Xell), even after trying every timing file. There is limited information online on the Ace V5 chip installations so Googling has been difficult. I...
  6. T

    Solved  Cant get rgh to boot after ace v3 install

    so i just recently installed a ace v3 chip on my trinity motherboard. I Was able to get through all steps including program the chip itself fairly easy. But I plugged my xbox into the TV to boot xell and when the console powered on, the ring of light just flashed really fast and i get no signal...
  7. B

    Solved  Best RGH mod for Trinity in Q4 2018

    Hi, I have some experience with soldering and electronics in general and I've decided to RGH my Trinity Slim on my own. I've already read some how-to tutorials, both recent or from couple of years ago. As I am kinda new to the modding party I found that there are more than one way to skin the...
  8. J

    Tutorial  Finding the right timing file/What do the different blinking patterns mean

    In this tutorial I am going to explain how you can fine tune an RGH install, that's using one of 15432's timing file packs. I am mostly going to focus on S-RGH V1 as those are the timing files with the most feedback. Though, the same principles explained here can be applied to any other RGH...
  9. HadesLive Customs

    Tutorial  RGH Trinity Install Guide - NEW

    Welcome to HadesLive Customs easy Tutorial! Created by Travis Allie - Aka Nehi Gnum How to RGH a Trinity? Things you will need? 1. Solder Iron - ( Heat Range 325-350 Range ) 2. Solder 3. Flux - ( Important: This is used to keep you from Burning your Board ). 4. Wire Wrapping Wire - ( Easy to...
  10. Sabulador

    Solved  Corona V1 + Ace V3 Problems - only 1 or 2 glitches, no boot

    Regards, I need help. 1. Introduction I have some experience in Xbox modding. I installed CoolRunner RevC in several Trinity consoles and everything went smoothly, working great, glitches after 15 seconds. 2. My Current Problem I have a problem with two Corona v1 consoles. I am trying to install...
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