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ace v3

  1. H

    Question  Switching from CoolRunner RevD to Ace V3 on a Corona V5

    I had purchased an Xbox 360E which was already RGH'd. It is a Corona V5 (16MB Nand with the requirement of a Postfix Adapter). I used it for a while, and then one day out of the blue, it froze up while playing. I tried rebooting it, but since then it has not been able to boot. I asked around on...
  2. sndcool

    Question  Xbox 360 AceV3 glitch loop

    As the title says my xbox 360 RGH that is using an Ace v3 has got into a glitch loop. I was playing skate 3 this morning and powered my console down. A bit later I came back to power it on and it just didn't boot. I took it apart then the ace was blinking as it was glitching and the light on the...
  3. R

    Question  Problem with ACE V3 PROGRAMMING

    Hi there Community, i'm Having some issues trying to program my Ace V3 for Xenon Motherboard, J-Runner is displaying a message saying that the Xilinx Device is not being detected. I attached the error message, the soldering job and the leds. Can you help me?
  4. G

    Solved  Does anyone have S-RGH v1 files in .svf format?

    Hello, I am looking for S-RGH v1 files in .svf format, because I can't use .xsvf files to program chips. I only have a Squirt programmer which only accepts .svf files. I have one Ace v3, and a friend has a Trinity which he asked me to mod. Now to be able to use that Ace v3 on a Trinity, it...
  5. RylzRavioli

    Question  My xbox 360 trinity ace v3 is not booting into xell. Please help!

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying to mod my xbox 360, but I can't get it to boot into xell. I have everything soldered and all the connections seem stable. I have also tried all the timing files but nothing works, its just stuck in a booting loop. How do I fix this? Also, do I...

    Question  Trinity with viper v2 not booting

    When I try to boot my xbox 360 after installing the viper dual nand v2 and flashing my nands back. I try to boot the console and I hear the ding sound but nothing happens. Not even the fan starts spinning. What do I do. Do I need to replace my RF board
  7. big_boss

    Question  XBOX 360 RGH 2.0 Jasper won't turn on after RGH

    Hi all guys how are you doing? Today I was dusting off an old Jasper with a broken but working player. After having dumped and written the ECC I soldered an acev3 glitchip with the relative fixes for the phat (found 1.8v, removed diode etc.) Infinite but regular debugging. But after doing a...
  8. Jbbrack03

    Question  Ace v3 not glitching on Corona 4GB (blinking green light, no video)

    I'm trying to mod my Corona v4 4GB Xbox 360. I installed an SD Card Adapter 2.2 and used it to read my NAND. I got a confirmed match after reading. Immediately after I created my ECC and wrote it to the NAND. This was also successful. I installed my Ace v3 and my Postfix Adapter. I used a...
  9. Jbbrack03

    Question  RROD 0012 After wiring Corona V4 for RGH

    Hi all, this is my first attempt at modding a Xbox 360. I have a Corona V4 console that does require a postfix adapter. I'm using an SD Card Tool and an Ace V3 to do the reading/glitching. I started by connecting the SD Tool and reading the NAND. I got a matching NAND and was able to create my...
  10. R

    Question  Very Strange Boot Times With RGH 1.2 on Jasper

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if you could help me with one of these Jaspers using an Ace V3 chip. I got 8 phats so far that were done that produce less than 10 seconds for boot times after the first initial boot using the dynamic file (jasper_dyn2), but this one Jasper has got me stumped. It...
  11. D

    Question  Trinity Nand Rebuild From Donor

    Trinity Nand Rebuild I’m trying to rebuild the NAND of a trinity board. I have written the ecc to the board but I can’t seem to get it to boot to xell. My ace v3 has 2 short led and one long led. I have tried a bunch of different timing files from the ace to the srgh files. Install photo
  12. M3SS3R

    Question  S-RGH Trinity with Ace V3 wont boot into Xell

    Morning folks, I followed guide below to glitch trinity my console and it has been a great guide this far. I managed to get two matching NAND reads, created the ECC and wrote it to console but now it wont boot into xell. Here are my install images: - I initially had the D point...
  13. Toinedeman

    Question  Im not able to program ace v3 "xilink device not detected"

    Hi all, im having problems trying to rgh my trinity console, its my first time doing this but not my first time modding consoles. I soldered the program wire directly to the ace v3. I tried it with: power on motherboard and on the chip, on the chip alone via jr programmer. the programmer will...
  14. D

    Question  Corona V1 Nand-X Flash Config 0x0000000

    I’m trying to glitch my Corona V1 console. Everything has gone done so far. I read the nand 2 times and wrote an ECC file to the console. I tried different timing files with the console since I pulled the ace from a trinity and the og timings were wiped. The chip kept flashing twice and one long...
  15. D

    Question  Corona V1 ace v3 Timing Files Help

    I am trying to rgh a corona v1 slim console with an ace v3. Everything has been ok so far until I try to boot to receive cpu key. None of the timing files I use work. I pulled the chip from a trinity, so I need to find a working timing file. I’ve tried S-rgh files and none have worked. I’m not...
  16. T

    Solved  Cant get rgh to boot after ace v3 install

    so i just recently installed a ace v3 chip on my trinity motherboard. I Was able to get through all steps including program the chip itself fairly easy. But I plugged my xbox into the TV to boot xell and when the console powered on, the ring of light just flashed really fast and i get no signal...
  17. FirezRVG

    Solved  Problem with Trinity RGH with Hitachi DVD Drive.

    As the title says, there is a problem with my Trinity RGH. I was able to RGH it but it would not boot with the Hitachi DVD Drive plugged in. I have done some research and believe this could be Xell Reloaded (Xenon Linux Loader) or it could be the glitch chip shorting out because of the metal...
  18. Csyzr

    Solved  Ace v3 Corona v4 no Xell Lost NAND

    Corona v4 4GB NAND with Post fix v2 adapter and SD Tool V2.2 - Alternate C5R11 'D' point due to lifted pad on R4P4 I lost my original NAND and Im trying to boot xell so I can get my CPU key and continue from there to rebuild my NAND. I've borrowed a public cpu key for corona and built a fake...
  19. L

    Solved  RGH1.2 On Jasper BB 512MB Stuck at boot logo after update to 17526

    Hi, so last night I did my first RGH. I used a Ace V3 and a Jasper mobo that was in the dash 17526. The problem is that when I flash the modified 17526 with my JR Programmer, it gets stuck at the Xbox logo and if I put a USB stick with launch.ini configured to launch anything it just keeps...
  20. L

    Solved  4GB Corona RGH Wont Boot Xell

    Already posted more than a week ago but the thread got no traction... Trying to RGH a 4gb corona with an Ace V3, an SD Tool V1.2 and a postfix V2 (I accidentally burnt the damn post_out point so I was told that a postfix is an alternative for that). Got 4 identical nand dumps, wrote ecc...
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