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    Solved  How people become nearly invincible using ability cards?

    I've been noticing a trend lately: half of the enemies I face end up killing me in two shots or less, while it takes me several to the head to kill them. One enemy I faced didn't even take damage when I hit him several times. I don't consider myself the best player ever, but I wouldn't consider...
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    *NEW Anthem Javelin Ability Glitch After Patch!! Have Any Ability On Any Javelin Glitch

    Hey se7ensins, Back with another glitch. This glitch allows you to have any javelin ability on any javelin you want. Meaning you can make some Hybrid Javelin's! They tried to patch this but with my steps you can still do the glitch after being patched :tongue: Here is a...
  3. Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Announced

    Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Announced

    Pokemon Go developer Niantic has shared the first details on the game's next Community Day. September's event is scheduled to take place around the world on Saturday, September 22, and it'll feature one of the starter Pokemon from Gold and Silver. The Grass-type Pokemon Chikorita will be the...
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