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  1. Harry

    Discussion  The wait for Intel's 9th gen mobile Core CPUs for laptops is almost over

    Without getting into any of the nitty-gritty details, Intel confirmed at GDC 2019 that it's launching mobile versions of its 9th generation H-series Core processors during the second quarter. That translates into before July. Unfortunately, Intel did not divulge any specific models or...
  2. Yukiyo


    Unlock All +. 9th Prestige Lobby! Credits to Bag Edition My Gamertag - tiulippitos Send a message to me, with the text: oNe 4, and i'll invite you. ****For who don't know what to do**** When join in my game, go back, and start a match on Split Screen
  3. A

    Mw2 Challenge Lobby required

    Hi all Lastnight I was de ranked from legit 9th prestige with 48 day game time. I urgently require a challenge lobby. I don't have PayPal but willing to bank transfer for the service. Gt: SkepzR Online now please message me as I don't have a mic Thanks
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