50 kills

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    Bo4 boosting | headshots | camos

    bo4 boosting lobby, 50 kill rotations, know what to do, need 8 message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite
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    HC Domination | Xbox One | Boosting | 50 Kill Rotation

    50 kill rotation boosting on Hardore domination for Xbox One. Direct Message Imperium Reign for an invite
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    Welcome to Hyped_FFA's Thread! Please READ the rules carefully, and double check your in-game settings to make sure they are correct! (This player number is constantly updated) We need 7 Players to start the lobby! How this works! After being invited to our lobby, we will determine the...
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    hardcore dom 50 kill rotation xp/camo lobby

    add camlaar on xbox to join
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    - 50 Kills per game for everybody - Know what to do.! - Have fun.! - Please no annoying mics.! - Only Kill on your turn or when asked to kill person that’s killing -COMMENT GT’S BELOW OR MESSAGE ME ——MY GT:// Entity Complexx WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE NEXT 6-8 HOURS NEED LONG TERM PLAYERS HAVE 3 NOW !
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    Boosting HCD 50 Kills Each - No kids -

    Everyone gets 50 kills it's all fair. Drop your GT Below and we will send you an inv we need 6 more -No Kids -No Scorestreaks besides UAVs DROP GT Below Or message Silver Wolf Z7
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    Boosting HCD 50 Kills Each Every Game 100% Fair

    We are boosting on HCD everyone in the lobby gets 50 kills we need a few more message TwoCaribou43027 for an INV. Lobby fills up quick and games go fast! Let's unlock Dark Matter!!! Message Caribou or Drop Your GT BELOW Adults Only Please
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