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    To get into my lobbies just drop your Social club name below and I'll message u how to get into my lobby:smile: Rules! 1. Go in passive mode 2. Don't invite other people 3. Don't message me ever 4. Please remove me as a friend after you have finished in my lobbies 5. Don't kill anyone 6. final...
  2. SaintOfClutch

    Tutorial  New Best Custom Jumpshot Automatic Green Light On NBA 2K19! NEVER MISS AGAIN

    In this video ill be showing you the best custom jump shot for all builds in 2k19 that will turn your build into a pure sharp. The Jumpshot in the video is used on a 7'3 pure rim max wingspan with no boosts. The jump shot is at 2:00 mins Hope you guys try it out and make yourself shoot better by...
  3. SaintOfClutch


    In this video will show you my build in 2k witch i believe is the best center build in the game. I'll start off by showing a little montage of gameplay at the playground then showing you my build followed by my jumpshot & animations hope you enjoyed please drop a like,comment your thoughts and...
  4. SaintOfClutch


    If your wanting a really good face creation to make your my player look like a cheeser,snagger dribble god? then this video is for you i will show you step by step on how to create my best face creation all you have to do is copy down the same presets and numbers that i do and you will be...
  5. BuFu_EVO

    Discussion  Borderlands 3: What character will you be?

    Curious to see what people think will it be the siren because shes always been op in the past or will you go another direction, I myself have always been an assassin but iv not yet decided between FL4K and ZANE.
  6. Borderlands 3 Is Coming September 13th

    Borderlands 3 Is Coming September 13th

    Borderlands 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Sept. 13, developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K announced on Wednesday. The PC version of Borderlands 3 will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store until April 2020. A new trailer for Borderlands 3 highlighted the four...
  7. L

    Discussion  NBA 2k19 Badge grinding services-(read thread)

    Okay so I have been thinking about getting my badges grinded by sports gaming and I was wondering if anyone has any info on him or know if he’s a scammer I’ve seen people call him out but I’m not sure someoen please help.
  8. L

    Unsolved  2k19 empty park?..

    If anyone knows how to get a empty park for Xbox one if they help me I’ll boost them 60 wins just for showing me how to do it please and thank you
  9. Z

    Discussion  Nba 2k19

    Nba 2k19 came out anybody trying to Boost Park record? I want to have a group ready to park boost from its release date. It would be 2 vs 2 park boosting so we need 4 people altogether with every person getting 10 straight goes. If you don't want to ruin your win/loss record I suggest making...
  10. jelleheiz

    Money Drop 2k [OPEN][1.42][FREE][DONATIONS ACCEPTED]

    Hi everyone! Welcome :biggrin: Rules: 1. Go in passive 2. Dont kill eachother (which is impossible in passive hihi) 3. Dont bring cops 4. Have fun :biggrin: How to enter: 1. Leave SC in below 2. Wait patiently (3.) Optional: Donate to me if you want :smile: paypal.me/JHeizenberg Lobby status...
  11. NBA 2K18 Update, Here's What's New

    NBA 2K18 Update, Here's What's New

    A new patch is out now for NBA 2K18 and let's be honest, one of the changes is more important than the others. The patch notes, posted on Facebook, show that Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball's hairstyle has now been updated to match with his new hairdo. It's been a long time coming, as Ball...
  12. A

    GTA V Money Lobby [1.41] [SAFE] [Starting @ 3:30 PST]

    RULES Post Social Club Id in chat Wait for me to send a friend request Accept Invitation to game Meet at airport Do not spam me or others Do not kill anyone have fun! Donations Donations are not needed but they are Very much appreciated. paypal.me/Brandon626 Proof
  13. X

    Discussion  Humble Bundle

    I was wondering why no one has posted about the Humble 2k Bundle for Playstation 3 and 4. If this is against forum rules then I am sorry because I wasn't sure where to find them. I'm not advertising for them, as I don't get anything but enjoyment from sharing such a wicked deal. I hope others...
  14. Preston Kalai

    Discussion  (HELP) Need 2 players for 3v3s

    Looking for sharpshooters & big men. I am a 94 overall playmaker god with almost 40 badges. Message me on xbox "HersheyG Kiss"
  15. J

    Discussion  NBA 2K17: MyPlayer (Struggling)

    So, though I love 2k17, I am having trouble. I found it way easier in last years 2k to develop your MyPlayer. Right now, i am at a 72 overall sharp shooter shooting guard and just made a 57 overall stretch big power forward. I need an alternative method to "grinding" and half playing the...
  16. Battleborn Release Date Announced

    Battleborn Release Date Announced

    2K and Gearbox Software announced today that Battleborn, their new first-person shooter, will be available on February 9th, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Battleborn comes from the developers of Borderlands, and that is easy to see, the sense of humor is easily recognizable...
  17. Mafia III Fully Unveiled

    Mafia III Fully Unveiled

    The Mafia series has been rather dormant for the past couple of years. Mafia II was released back in 2010, but it never really got the attention it deserved. This week at Gamescom, 2K decided to show what they’ve been working on with Mafia III, and so far it’s impressive. The title of the...
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