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2k cash drops

  1. A


    How to join: - Add my Sc and i will accept it, (Ankrhh) - When the lobby is live, I will start a close friends session and then you can join. Where to go and what to do: - Go to the airport in Passive mode. - Once you're there the money will start dropping Rules: - Absolutely no talk of money...
  2. NyxaveriA

    Nyxaveria's Cave | Free Money Drops | Fast & Secure

    STATUS : OFFLINE How to Join: Reply on this thread your SC username and I will add you. RULES: You must stay in PASSIVE MODE DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MODS DON'T report ME or ANYONE in the lobby Once you leave, you MUST delete me as friend DO NOT BANK / SPEND MONEY IN THE LOBBY, to do it, change the...
  3. H

    HawkEyee's Drop lobby |SAFE | Undetected menu

    Greetings! --------------------- Welcome to HawkEyee's Drop Lobby! Leave you SC-name in the comments. I will add you as soon as there is a spot open in the lobby. Enjoy the profits! --------------------- Lobby Status: ONLINE | OFFLINE ---------------------
  4. A

    [FREE] GTA V Unlimited Money Drop Lobby 1.41 [2K+ CASH DROPS] [0% BAN RATE] [UNDETECTED]

    Welcome to my free GTA V cash-drop service! [About Me] Lobby Status: OFFLINE Drop Method: 2K Cash Stacks Location: Los Santos International Airport [How to Join] 1. Comment down below your social club username. 2. Accept a friend request from A***N**. 3. Join my friends-only session or...
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