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  1. Stroth

    Request a Clan Position/Role

    If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. When you have received your offer, please edit your post saying "RESOLVED". Name: Position/Role: Availability: Preferred console: Contact method: Time Zone: An example of this format would...
  2. Nothingbutbread

    Discussion  USB CFG Online/Offline Zombie Mods for OFW [Bread V1.6]

    Hey guys/gals. Today I am releasing my personal Black ops 1 USB CFG OFW zombies mods. These mods are designed to be easy to use and designed to work with all Zombies maps. These mods will work offline for everyone and online for those who are running the Black ops 1 modded patch (PS3 users can...
  3. Cannabinat0r

    PC  Arma 2 OA/Epoch/Overpoch Hack

    Sorry for the pictures you can click on them to zoom in :)
  4. H

    Discussion  Xbox Game-Share November of 2015

    So recently I wanted to Game-share Black Ops 3 Season Pass to my friend, but it didn't know why it wasn't working. So I did some investigating. 1st What i did was get another friend to attempt to use my Gamer-tag to set my home xbox at his house. This did not work for him either. So then I...
  5. Erectep

    Agar.io Clan

    Agar.io Clan Need Agar.io ++ ( http://extension.acydwarp.io ) Must have s7 exactly as show in clan spot You dont have to feed clan but please do if they're in trouble :0 Have Fun! NBK is our rival, aim for them My name will be {s7 ✌ᗷᒹᗅᖽᐸᕨ✌} Party Code Is: PB7T7 , please note this may change...
  6. xGreatMods

    Discussion  Looking for a Recorder for my Modded Lobbies!

    Hey guys :wink: I'm looking for a recorder for BO2 (elgato)
  7. StiltsXBL

    Discussion  Get Free Xbox Live Gold | Free XBL Gold Working October 2015 (Free XBL Gold method 2015)

    WORKING method as of October 2015 on how to get Xbox Live for FREE!
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