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  1. fakeguccibelt

    [OPEN] DirtNasty's Money Drop Lobby | Guarenteed Invites | OPEN NOW

    STATUS :ONLINE:smile: ADD MY SOCIAL CLUB FOR INVITE : DirtyMoney1371 ADD MY SOCIAL CLUB FOR INVITE : DirtyMoney1371 ADD MY SOCIAL CLUB FOR INVITE : DirtyMoney1371 Will be hosting tonight until it says offline but i am up and running and if you want an invite. Really chill lobby, no...
  2. Harf


    HARF's DROPS! GTA V Money Lobby! F.A.Q Q) How do I join the money drop? A) Add me and try to my session, once my game is full, you've just got to get lucky. Sorry. Q) Is there a chance of me getting banned after collecting modded money? A) No, there is not! The only way You can get banned is...
  3. F

    ✔️ Fexuremods | Drop Lobby | 2.5k bags ✔️

    Status: Offline Post your gamertags ! GENERAL - Usually I host lobbies for a long time, so if you would like to stay you may, only 15 people in a lobby at a time. Donations are accepted ✔️Rules✔️ - Do not comment twice, if you haven't "received an invite." - No stealing other peoples money...
  4. Navy Davey

    Discussion  If the Scramjet is the Mach 5...Then where is my pet monkey?

    :roflmao: So here is another blast from the past! I have a been a huge Speed Racer fan since the 1970’s... lol ( Im old) It was my first introduction to “Japanimation”:tongue: It got me hooked! Anyhow I am super stoked to see the Mach 5 in GTA 5:thumbsup: It’s a car that’s moderately esoteric...
  5. DabuNon

    Discovery  Bunker Group GodMode

  6. Navy Davey

    Discussion  Quickly Unlock Stone Axe Challenge Using Nightclub Entrance!

    25 EASY KILLS USING THE STONE AXE Start an invite only or public session. Go to the entrance of any nightclub preferably your own. The club must be open to the public. Equip the Stone Axe Go to the line of people behind the barrier Kill them while moving towards the pink entrance circle to...
  7. Navy Davey

    Discussion  Rampage Ability Will Be Added to GTA Online!

    I have just heard the news! At an unknown date a New Mystery is to be unlocked in GTA Online. When the Mystery is solved The rewards will be: A Stone Hatchet (Tomahawk) Trevor’s rampage ability for your online character prolonged after performing “chain kills” with the weapon :smile: This will...
  8. VantusEtheria

    Solved  Possible Time Advancement?

    So, with the new After Hours update, it takes a while for the nightclubs to start becoming lucrative or even pay for themselves. So, I was wondering if there might be a possible way to make GTA Online think that more time has advanced than has actually occurred. Like, say multiple days going by...
  9. SentinelOriginal

    Sentinel Drop Lobby | PC 1.43 | Free

    Lobby Status: CLOSED Stay tuned for the next lobby! If I did not get to you I am really sorry, please do not label this fake. I will get to you ASAP providing you post a reply when it re-opens. There are alot of legit droppers here in the mean time <3 ⚠️Instructions for joining & Information...
  10. CheekiestBreeki

    Cheeki Breeki 2.5k Modded Lobbies

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