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    Discovery Ps4 Ui stack glitch

    I mean I have bowieknife
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    Discovery Ps4 Ui stack glitch

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    Discovery Ps4 Ui stack glitch

    This happens to me like once every 5 days because its so rare when it happens, but when me and my cousins are playing (2 Remotes) We both press x at the same time and it glitches up the game (this is at the start of the application, It then does a ui stack glitch but I dont know what to do then...
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    Working (New method)-How to get the peacekeeper free tut.

    I have 1 but it's a extreemly low chance of it happening Should I post it
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    Man I really want one mine disapeared in update 1.0.9 for ps4
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    Unsolved Help stuck

    thx bro I will try the first method
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    Unsolved Help stuck

    I recently did the glitch for daily contracts crypto keys, and now whenever I go into a game it says game found 0 of like 50 or something, I restarted my ps4 fixed the date completely and closed my application, plz help
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    Discovery Weapon Bribe duplication for non season pass and season pass holders

    So since I unlocked the 75 wins And I still have the rewards can I use the glitch to duplicate the rewards to one new account using one method and then do the glitch back again to my main account from the new one? Tell me your opinions!
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    Discovery Unlimited Skull Glitch (Discussion)

    rlly but when i do it what happenns is tht it just puts it away and switches to my weapon
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    Discovery Unlimited Skull Glitch (Discussion)

    It's patched i tried and my friend the skull just goes away
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    Discovery Zetsobou No Shima knife lounges

    The spiders.... when you knife them and then jump you sort of do something knife lounge. You cant actually knife them but u miss. maybe this can be a spot in the right corners
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    Working der eisendrache solo glitch (NEW)

    What about Panzer
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    Video Unlimited gobble gum

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    Tutorial Unlimited 48 Hour Free Psn Exploit

    awwww no this was my method hopefully they dont patch
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    Working super fast dg4 melee

    this is with unlimited glitch I guess
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