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    Tutorial Installing/Upgrading Windows 10 - Updated for the April 2018 Update! - Support, Tips, Tricks & More!

    1. go to c:\windows, and find the "SoftwareDistribution" folder and right click > properties > security >YourUserName>edit and give your self full control. 2. tern off the windows update service, 3. rename "SoftwareDistribution" folder to "SoftwareDistribution.old" 4. start windows update...
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    Tutorial Installing/Upgrading Windows 10 - Updated for the April 2018 Update! - Support, Tips, Tricks & More!

    Doesn't allow you to install up it forces the download where you can copy the files from C:\$Windows.~BT to your desktop, change the time zone, and install it.
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    Tutorial Installing/Upgrading Windows 10 - Updated for the April 2018 Update! - Support, Tips, Tricks & More!

    1. Set windows update to full auto 2. Enter "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" into CMD 3. ??? 4. Profit!
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    Discussion What Makes SSD's So Great?

    Another benefit no one else mentioned was how safe your data is. If you accidentally drop a laptop with a traditional HDD, chances are your data is all gone. Solid state drives have no moving parts, so the only real way for data loss is if the SSD physically gets cracked in half.
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    Discussion Official Rank Discussion

    guyz i got gold am I out of elo hell yet????
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    Solved cooling is hard plz to heelp

    Sooooooo make my side fan take air in alrhough the gpu cooler is pushing hot air towards it? I generally only had sapphire cards, but the only reason I got the xfx was cause i scored it for $260 (best buy employee discount OP). I also get the H100i for like $70, could I maybe install that on my gpu?
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    Solved cooling is hard plz to heelp

    No there is a fan blowing out on the side (blowing out the hot gpu air)
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    Solved cooling is hard plz to heelp

    How can I improve my system's air flow for my gpu? Under load im getting on average 77c which is no bueno in arizona. I had like 3 fans laying around. Pretty standard fan mounts (case is shinobi window) so tell me which fans to change and where to add/remove fans. Corsair recommends having the...
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    Discussion Looking to buy an Ultrabook

    Zenbook, yoga 2 pro, dell xps.
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    News R9 390X benchmarks

    Can I join the nvidia circlejerk guys? AMD drivers are the worst!!!!
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    Discussion Just bit the bullet boyz...

    Just got an i7 4790k for $114 new. I currently have an 8320 at 4.5 ghz, but once I saw this deal I knew it was a sign for me to switch over. If anyone here works retail and sells computers in anyway shape or form, you are qualified for the Intel Retail Edge program which has a summer sale every...
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    Solved Anyone having problems with frame rate?

    Mines fine. You got a better rig than me. Are you on the nest drivers from AMD that came out today for GTA?
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    News AMD R9 390x speculated leaks

    How do you think this is gonna fare up against the new Titan X?
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    Discussion Anyone know when the new AMD GPU's come out?

    Why does everyone **** talk amd drivers?
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    Solved My Dream PC

    No it's not. The architecture in the fx 8320 has 4 modules with 2 integer cores and 1 floating point core in each module. Intel's processors have 4 modules with 1 integer core and floating point core. What hyper threading is it just increases the amount of work assigned to each module so theyre...
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    Solved My Dream PC

    It saddens me every time someone says the fx series is hyper threaded. ...
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    Solved i5-4690k or AMD FX-8350

    Lol amd's module set-up isn't even close to hyper threading. Each module has 2 integer cores but only 1 floating point core. It still has 8 cores, just less FPU's than a physical 8 core would have.
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    Discussion Yoga 2 pro vs yoga 3 pro

    The way I see it surfaces are better for engineering and math majors whoa actually have to write down notes and stuff. I've played around with both for a while and didn't like the typeface... I had a Macbook last year for highschool (school gave them out for a pilot program) and I have to admit...
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    Solved i5-4690k or AMD FX-8350

    I'd bet that more games are going to be using more cpu cores in the future. Just saying...
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