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    Ranked (or any gametype/customs) with mic

    I'm just playing ranked for fun.
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    Ranked (or any gametype/customs) with mic

    Looking for anyone with a mic, as long as you know what's going on and don't go 2 - 12 every game. K/D is ~1.4. I come from playing counter strike, so I'm looking for call outs and teamwork. I usually can play for sure around 11 PM CST for a few hours. Sometimes on at random times. Also will...
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    What PC game should i get?

    If you're a more competitive gamer, CS:GO definitely. However, maybe something else if you're more casual (GTA?).
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    The MAIN reason PC gaming is better than console gaming.

    I like how most games on PC are extremely cheap. When they aren't, they still drop in price during steam's many sales. But if I were you, I would at least spend money on games that you invest a lot of time in, to support the people that actually created it.
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    Autumn Sale - what are you getting/have gotten?

    I bought Skyrim, and finally know where "took an arrow to thew knee" comes from...
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    Programming Resources - Which language is for me? (Tutorials, Compilers, Beginner Questions)

    Nearly every language can do that, and a simple task like that, there isn't a "best" out there. Probably the most common to be hosted online is PHP, but that's just from limited experience/browsing I've done in the past.
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    C/C++ Back to the beginning without goto statement?

    Just add a loop (hope my c++ knowledge is correct): void main(void){ int x; cout << "Enter a method" << endl; cout << "[0] = Exit"; cout << "[1] = Subtract"; cout << "[2] = Add"; cin >> x; while (true) { if (x == 0) { // Break out of the while...
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    Programming Resources - Which language is for me? (Tutorials, Compilers, Beginner Questions)

    Linked your post here, update with more tutorials as you add them (which I assume you will add more). Added. I think I used this site too. Added. May look into these myself too. I've moved the node link to Other Languages, since I was a retard at the time and put it under the javascript...
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    Does this look right

    What are you asking looks right? What are you attempting to do? Also, I would recommend using the code tags so it's much more readable, it's the third button from the bottom right. Or just wrap it with [CODE*][/CODE*] without the asterisks (*).
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    C++ (Boolean Help)

    I suppose I'm slightly confused, his code worked for what you needed, all you need to change in his example was the text "this is true" to "its fine". SET_OBJECT_INVINCIBLE is a method, which you pass in an object and a boolean, and that method executes a set of code. This is not the same as an...
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    Programming Resources - Which language is for me? (Tutorials, Compilers, Beginner Questions)

    VB is garbage, don't start with it. Not only is the syntax much different than many popular languages (C/C++, Java, C#), but it allows you to make a **** ton of mistakes, and eventually leave you with bad/dirty habits. If you want to use .NET, use C#.
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    Solved cut throat shaving

    I just use a Schick Quattro Titanium razor (I forgot where/when I got it), but it does fine for me. I use about one blade a month with shaving cream, and I rarely get cuts (shave 4-5 times a week too). Just make sure you're letting the razor do the work and you are putting barely any pressure...
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    Solved Should I Get a SSD?

    f*** yeah you should. I don't go without one now. Even convinced my girlfriend to buy a laptop with one in it and she doesn't regret it (boots instantly).
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    Solved What got you into gaming?

    All my friends moved away in neighborhood, had Halo 2, played xbox live, never stopped until a few months ago.
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    Solved Hate EA? Please Read

    That doesn't mean it's good >.>. I only have Origin solely for Battlefield 3, and I never play it because of the god awful user interface.
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    Solved Which Mechanical Keyboard?!

    I've used 3: BlackWidow Ultimate - Flashy which I liked at first but don't care for as much, I don't use the macro keys (did a few times for counter strike). I wouldn't but this again over the other mechanical out there, not to say it's bad though (mainly the flashy part, and compare to the...
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    Web How do you make browser like yandex

    Creating a custom browser from scratch isn't going to be in one video You can use Visual Studio .NET (C#, VB) to make "your own" web browser, but it just uses the Internet Explorer (or some type of Microsoft Browser), which isn't really you creating your own web browser. You would need a...
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    What program should i try to create [c# VS]

    That's something I've been wanting to dig around with for a bit. The range of complexity with a chat program can be very simple (maybe direct connections to other people) to very complex (data storage of friends lists, chat history, preferences, chat client preferences, connecting to servers...
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    .NET How do I make an e-mailer that sends only one label's text?

    Give us the error? It may be hotmail denying email sending (although they used to allow that, they may not any more).
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    Visual Studio for C#/VB (.NET). Notepad++/gedit for everything else. If you use an IDE, you can code **** fast. I'm so used to tabbing from intellisense completions it's ridiculous, but I also get done with a lot of that junk much faster than using normal text editors. But also, if you're...
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