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  1. J - Modern Warfare 2019 Undetected PC Cheat (Aimbot/ESP) & Rank/Stats

    Took about 13 hours to receive access, but that was expected. He's VERY busy. Anyways, the cheats are PHENOMENAL. Personally haven't touched aimbot yet, but I'm adoring the chams, auto fov, and such..Makes getting camos a BREEEzzzeee. I've ordered a tripod and I'll record some gameplay. More...
  2. J - Modern Warfare 2019 Undetected PC Cheat (Aimbot/ESP) & Rank/Stats

    Just purchased lifetime. Will provide an indepth review.
  3. J

    Discussion KryptoNiT3.dll [Aimbot, NoReacoil, AutoShoot, Box ESP, +MORE]

    I'm going to try it out, I'll let you know.
  4. J

    Patched Max stats PS4 , XB1 & PC

    Upload it to YouTube and paste a link.
  5. J

    Xbox One and PS4 Sealed

    Xbox One Quantum Bundle: PS4 HAS BEEN SOLD! Thank you! Both consoles have not been used, never turned on, and all accessories are 100% unused. I can provide more picture if necessary. Offer up!
  6. J

    Tools Necronomicon's Bot - The Ultimate Pokemon Go Bot

    Let's hope they quickly fix this haha
  7. J

    Discussion CEO Office: Before & After earning $20m

    How did you even.... How long did that take o.o
  8. J

    Discussion The list of things that'll eat up your money in this DLC

    What exactly do I do with the banks and stuff
  9. J

    Solved Need help with a new keyboard
  10. J

    Working Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitch The Giant Team& Solo Pile Up Glitch Unlimited Rounds

    Why do you keep spamming.. If you don't have anything better to do make the thread look nicer. Smh
  11. J

    The giant Gltiching

    Looking for people to glitch on the giant. Preferably have a mic. Post gamertags
  12. J

    Patched Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitch Solo/Team Pile Up On Map The Giant

    If anyone wants to do this on ps4 pm me.
  13. J


    Uhhh Cheating in a game means nothing lol
  14. J


    Will this mess up my KD?
  15. J

    Looking for Chaos Moshpit Team

    Drop your Gamertags below, must have mic. I can play for about 3-4 hours, so I was hoping to start the lobby off and for someone else to continue. Let's get those guns ranked up!
  16. J

    Full Squad Chaos Moshpit Nuketown Add: Flaanksta

    Lemme know when you're doing it again
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