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    Orb Sniping 1.2K Now Recruiting Ended

    Games - cod4,mw2,bo2,ghost Country - New Zealand How long You Have Been playing for - 2 years Whats your specialty? (quickscoping, trickshotting, competitive etc) - trickshot but proffer quickscoping And other clans you've been in- ePiK,Axis,FaDe Capture Card Y/N -N atm might be getting one...
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    Join Slayed Sniping

    Name: Sean Gamertag: stolen clover Age: 14 Cod games: cod4,mw2,bo2,ghosts Quickscoper I can get 5 on K/D: 1.12 Prestige master bo2 and cod4 other 2 idk New Zealand cuz Snapchat : na skype stolen clover Willing to change name :maybe I probably will tho Plus I youtube 43 subscribers YT stolen...
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    --Eclipse Gaming Now Recruiting!--

    -=To Join=- Fill out the form below! Name:Sean Age:14 Mic:yea Console:Xbox What CODS you have:bo2,cod4,ghosts Can you change your gamertag/psn:yea What Position (Sniper,Modder,Trickshotter,GFX,Video Editor etc.):sniper,trickshotter,and maybe GFX How long til you can change your...
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