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    Tutorial Halo:Combat Evolved for Mac OSX (Works on El Capitan)

    Is there an option to skip the disk insert? If possible can you screenshot the page that asks for the disk?
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    Tutorial Halo:Combat Evolved for Mac OSX (Works on El Capitan)

    Sorry for the long reply. I have not been able to test this on new the new OS because I currently don't own a Macbook anymore. If you have the new OS, please try to follow the same steps and report back if you do!
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    I Need a New Game to Play

    I've played some of NH2, I don't really understand the story or what direction the game is trying to head in, but overall the mod is very well made and enjoyable.
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    I Need a New Game to Play

    Thanks for all of your replies and I appreciate your help. Although many of the games suggested are heavily focused on only one genre instead of a mix which is what I'm looking for. For example Outlast is purely just horror and nothing else, the same goes for RE7. I do plan to look at I Have No...
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    Discussion Halo: Online ( Only exclusive on Windows )

    Well that doesn't make it fun now does it.
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    Unsolved Nvidia Control Panel not working.

    If the fix mentioned above doesn't work, try uninstalling the Intel display drivers and reinstalling the Nvidia drivers.
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    low brightness and shadow

    Can you post a picture of the "triangle" that is appearing on your screen?
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    Discussion Halo: Online ( Only exclusive on Windows )

    Looks sweet! I really miss the old Halo series.
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    Which PC games have the most stunning graphics?

    In terms of graphics, Observer is definitely one of the bets games I have ever played, the story and atmosphere is also a masterpiece as well. The graphics have a cyberpunk, Bladerunner-esque feeling that is so nostalgic and quite honestly..... *cough*orgasmic*cough*.
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    I Need a New Game to Play

    So I finished playing through the game >observer_ about two months ago and in that timeline I've been searching relentlessly for a game of that caliber and storytelling. I have very specific likeness to certain topics or details that have made it very hard to find a new game to play. My favorite...
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    Tutorial Halo:Combat Evolved for Mac OSX (Works on El Capitan)

    I currently do not have my Mac anymore as it has broken and I have not taken the time to buy a new one, but I found a video that may be able to help you: Please reply back and if this works, I'll update the original post (By the way, sorry for the late reply). Try this link and download the...
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    Discussion Xbox One or PS4?? Current owners...

    I personally have never owned a PlayStation of any kind, I grew up with the original Xbox when I was 6 years old so I can't really validate any of the PlayStation pros and cons. What I can say is that both consoles have their great set of games. But I think that Xbox has better performance than...
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    Tutorial Halo:Combat Evolved for Mac OSX (Works on El Capitan)

    Have you ever used before? You have to wait a couple seconds and then click the skip ad button in the top right corner. One of the links is dead, I just checked it so I'll update it and get back to you when it's finished.All links should be working fine now.
  14. The Observer Review

    The Observer Review

    What would happen if you were to throw the horror aspects of SOMA, the visual beauty of Mirror's Edge, the cyberpunk aspect of the movie Ghost In The Shell, and twists of The Matrix? Well, what you would taste might pleasantly surprise you. I can tell you personally that it tastes very good! The...
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    All Any System Shock Reboot Backers Here?

    Did anybody back the Kickstarter project for the reboot of System Shock? Just wanted to see how many people like me backed it. I got the $150 package and can't wait for this game.
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    Solved Upgrading GPU & PSU

    Dude, if you want basic gaming I have a GTX 750 that runs CS:GO on max with no problems, including other games like Alien:Isolation and SOMA. Anything with higher specs will do you perfectly fine. I also have a Intel i3-3240 @ 3.4 GHz.
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    Hots or Dota 2

    Bruh, Dota 2 ftw.
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    Solved Xbox Scorpio and Game Question

    Why not? If you are already getting the Scorpio then you might as well get the games you want. Especially since the games will work on Scorpio anyways.
  19. My Speculations on Destiny 2

    My Speculations on Destiny 2

    Now that I have had time to fanboy over both the teaser and release trailer of Destiny 2, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on what the sequel will bring to the table and how it will continue the Destiny franchise. In the teaser trailer, titled "Last Call", we see Cayde-6 as the main protagonist...
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    News Destiny 2 official reveal (PC release confirmed)

    Honestly, I liked Destiny being a console exclusive game. Even though I like PC better, Destiny feels better on console.
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