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    Discussion 7 Golden Peyote Mystery

    RS are the masters of easter eggs.
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    Patched Get into a public session yourself

    Could someone find out if this works on Xbox ;)
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    Discussion How much have you made with the new update?

    Just bought the large warehouse, gonna grind all week!
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    Discussion Story + Online DLC?

    As if you guys want a story mode dlc. I just want a casino and new cars.
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    Discussion Will it last?

    I hope its like cod where they make one system the main sponsor for competitive is what I'm saying. Obviously it'll be on console.
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    Discussion Will it last?

    Let's just hope competitive is on PC, and not all over the place making it less exciting.
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    Discussion Will it last?

    Thinking of picking it up soon but for some reason I don't see it lasting more then a year especially on the Xbox. What do you guys reckon?
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    Discussion Halo 5 a downgraded halo?

    How is it a downgrade? I love halo 5! There is more detail in the maps, better graphics and heaps of weapon variations. Thats only the beginning of the good stuff.
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    Discussion What scorestreaks do you use mostly?

    R.A.P.S Those things will ruin the enemies lives over and over.
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    Discussion GTA Online: New Updates Coming Soon

    Stunt courses look awesome, as well as the HQ organisation thing. I'll start playing gta more often when this comes out.
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    Discussion Memories of Reach, win or fail?

    Isn't the best aye.
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    Discussion What fun do people get out of killing other people

    Oh yeah dont get me wrong I hate that also. Oh well your gonna have to get into an all out battle to stop these little kids.
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    Discussion What fun do people get out of killing other people

    For the past two years I couldn't stand people who drove around killing people, all I wanted to do was roleplay, mod up cars and do funny **** with my mates. But after coming back to the game recently after a few months without playing, I find killing randoms every now and then fun for some...
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    Discussion BO3 Upcoming Black Market Items?

    I don't understand why people get excited for new blackmarket items. It's not like you're going to get it, and if you do its probably after spending $100 on CP.
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    Discussion Official Infinite Warfare News + Discussion Thread

    idk, cod 4 will probably end up with more players than IW. haha.
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    Discussion Official Infinite Warfare News + Discussion Thread

    I am always excited for the new cod games and always will be but why did it have to be another futuristic one, farout. I don't know about you guys but all I have wanted for the past 4 years is a cod game set in WW2 especially before I finish school. Now I only got a couple years until I...
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    Discussion Peace in Los Santos

    Even though I don't go around killing a million people on freemode, it would be so boring if we won't able too. The whole point of freemode is to be freeeee.
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    Discussion weapons poll

    I wasn't complaining about the game buddy. I am complaining because it takes me a long time to earn cryptokeys without paying for them so relax mate you know nothing.
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