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    Patched Store aircrafts in MOC/Terabyte/Garage

    Is there a direct route to the underground nightclub? I keep getting popped out of the barrier.
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    Patched Store aircrafts in MOC/Terabyte/Garage

    I lost all interest in Gta when the Developers were petty enuff to blacklist aircraft in facilities. GtA hasn’t been the same since.
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    Patched Store aircrafts in MOC/Terabyte/Garage

    Svw in facilities was one of the best none $ getting glitches ever!
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    Solved Combat roll locked

    It’s a mod.... a Modder off here did it to me.
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    Solved Combat roll locked

    I’ll log on and spawn in to online roll once it’s locked until I do I 1v1 deathmatch... LTS, or regular deathmatch...It’s not the controlle or the layout... a modder trolled me and I’m thinkn it Was a soft recovery. My ammo cost billions to refill and my armor and snacks are all negative. Thanks...
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    Solved Combat roll locked

    Any tips? I can’t roll at all.
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    Gta 5 Money drop + more enjoy :3

    Messaged with no reply.... my gt is k2brazy thank u
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    Patched Unlimited speed glitch (working)

    That gargoyle ain’t no joke, by the time u get thru double clutching or kicking tires the goyle is alrdy there
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    Nothing but infinite loading screen on xbx1. Any help?
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    Patched Super Easy Otr, No cops, Use interaction menu

    marker showed up, but was twitching and blinking every second or so
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    Patched Super Easy Otr, No cops, Use interaction menu

    I did the steps, but left my facility in my hydra and I wasn't otr....Cops were on too.
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    Patched Director Mode Glitch. Outfits (NO STICK YET)

    make sure u do it step by step... it works
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    Patched Store Cars, Aircraft's & Special vehicles in SVW (No cooldowns) + MOC (Use in hiests) + Facility

    Anyway to get cars out of the hangar? I tried selecting them during heists, but they didnt show up.
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    Patched NO EXPLOSIVES** SOLO Money Glitch! Must have custom plates!

    ok, i call my mechanic to try to sell my original, but he says he cant deliver. I look up the street my retro is there, I hop in it kicks me out says I don't have access to pv then another one spawns down the street and says/does the same thing.
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    Patched How to fix the "Empty" car slot from Planes to facility glitch mistake

    my deluxo is in my hangar, how do i get it out. I can't pick it during heists either.
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    Patched Thermal Vision In Any Aircraft, Vehicle In The Game!

    we already lost the og glitch once, if you can't get a glitch this simple you don't even need to be in any aircraft.
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