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    Mw3 | Matrix Menu | XP | NINJA STEALTH LIFETIME

    What do you not understand
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    Mw3 | Matrix Menu | XP | NINJA STEALTH LIFETIME

    Offline for ~1 hour.
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    Theater Mode Menu Infection & Max Prestige! (Zombies Mod Menu now included!)

    Not even going to credit XBOX360lSBEST? Ok...
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    Solved Just got RGH. Possible to play online LiNK with android hotspot?

    You can use a hotspot for LiNK (or even XBL for that matter), but it may lag.
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    Solved Where to buy bulk Xbox 360s?

    eBay /Craigslist.
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    Solved Use a FPGA board to hack an Xbox 360 ?

    Even after rewriting the NAND you still need a glitch chip, or else the console won't boot.
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    Solved Use a FPGA board to hack an Xbox 360 ?

    Why not just buy a Coolrunner Rev C clone from eBay ($8.00, free shipping)? You'll be able to follow the official guides and have a smooth RGH experience. And I'm not sure if what you listed would work, as the JTAG fuses used get "blown" in early updates on the dashboard, so you'd have to be on...
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    Solved Why does the jasper 512mb

    It shouldn't be doing that... I just read a 512 BB Nand yesterday. Make sure you're not turning the console on and clicking read NAND, you're supposed to read NAND with the console's power brick in w/o turning it on.
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    Tutorial Xenon RGH1.2 Freeboot Tutorial

    Dead links... :oops:
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    Discussion Xbox 360 Modding Legality

    Had the same problem with my parents back in 2010... :confused: Honestly, they're dirt cheap nowadays, way cheaper than when I bought one behind my parents' back. If you really want to join the scene and if after trying to completely reason with your parents about the subject they still respond...
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    Solved Need kv help.

    Check to see if your KV is banned, if it isn't throw it on the root of the hard drive. The server should read it.
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    Discussion Got an XNA with Sidecar? Need the 213 PSU? CLICK HERE ASAP

    Those prices! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Tutorial Modded class God/invisible offline here

    Sorry for the necro-bump, but:
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    Tools Project Ola MW3 XRPC Tool

    Yo real talk Treyarch is super f***ed singlehandedly due to this release.
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    Tutorial Custom Prestige Changer (COD4, WAW, BO1, MW3 Prestiges)

    It's also host only which is a big downside.
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    Unsolved AW INSTALL HELP!

    NiNJA's built in MSP Spoofer works wonders.
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    Unsolved AW INSTALL HELP!

    Oh, if disc 1 is the install disc, then it should work.
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    Unsolved AW INSTALL HELP!

    You need to copy the disc 2 contents to the Content folder on your HDD. I'd recommend googling it.
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