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    Release WIP OffroadEX 1.0 [Official Update and Progress Thread]

    I'll check it out! *EDIT* Forgot my phone broke haha
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    C# Coders - Help needed

    Heads up with your code here, you don't need the "{" and "}" when your only doing one line in a if statement!
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    Release WIP OffroadEX 1.0 [Official Update and Progress Thread]

    Thank you, can't wait. Hopefully this game will get somewhat popular.
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    Release WIP OffroadEX 1.0 [Official Update and Progress Thread]

    Can you possibly post a few photos in here? This looks extremely interesting :)
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    Super big begginer with coding

    I am lost on what you are asking but I will try to help you out here. I'd start getting a good idea how a language works before going straight into game programming. Anyways C# is a good language for making programs/games. Visual Studio is very beginner friendly and can be very helpful for...
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    Web Where can I hire a cheap web developer?

    To answer your question, freelancer(Canadian link) is a great website to find good, trusted and nice people to help in the process of developing the site your working on. If you are having any issues with finding people on there, you can always contact me and I can help you. Depending on the...
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    C/C++ Make your own Music Player Program - Easy and Free!

    Ugh. This was coded in C# not C or C++. But anyways, quality tutorial. Keep posting, keep learning!
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    Looking for a Decent Webdesigner

    Skype: oSerfn HMU if you need help with coding the website or anything else.
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    Zombies - Project X V2.0

    of course
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    Zombies - Project X V2.0

    Hello guys, I'm back from my Se7enSins grave. Just hosting a mod menu lobby if you want to join :smile: GAMER-TAG: STATUS: Prob closed for a bit :tongue:
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    Solved "Bad Syntax Error"

    Oh hell no! :tongue: Jord is a god
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    Discussion WaW Boring?! NEVER! Let's talk gamemodes.

    "If you're a [email protected] developer, start making some new content," you heard the man! MAKE SOME **** ALREADY, we cannot let this game die out.
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    Solved RGH/JTAG Infectable Mod Menu - Need Help With Some Things

    #2: I believe you were asking about how to print stuff to the screen, so here is how you do it!: Middle of screen: self iPrintln("B14K3 is daddy broooo"); Left Corner of screen: self iPrintln("B14K3 is lowkey daddy"); That's the easiest way to print text to screen for you since you are a...
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    Mod Menu Can someone test my menu / infect me with it so I can take screenshots etc?

    Download WAW on PC and you can test it on your own :)
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    Solved Is modding dead on this game?

    This game is a ****ing ghost town and the only people making impact is you and my boi AgreedBog. Well hopefully its popularity gets a little spike and more people get the in modding scene.
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    Solved Is modding dead on this game?

    Oh no need to worry, I'm slowly working on thing's well learning the language at the same time!
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    Solved Is modding dead on this game?

    Just wondering if modding is dead. This was my first game to ever mod on, and is my favorite! If you all think modding is dead I will try to bring this **** hole back to life with constant releases until I get this game somewhere :p
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    Solved New to Modding

    Holy **** bro, weird seeing you here. You gave me a recoveries 2 years ago! and, You can mod zombies with a USB, but if you have knowledge on computers you can skip the bull **** and get roooooooiiiightt into the rgh's!! Welcome to the modding club:wink:
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    Discussion Give me an idea, I make it.

    You cannot spawn models in USB. But it has been done by a wizard named TehPoisonOne. Wish he was still here making amazing mods, if you search USB Skybase it will come up. So to sum it all up, No it is for RGH/PC
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    Discussion Give me an idea, I make it.

    Thanks man, seem's like a big idea:p I am still pretty bad at GSC but I really think I can take this challenge on. And hit me up on Skype:p I have you added!
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