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    Post Your PC Specs Here!

    I just built my first PC a couple weeks ago. I had a budget of $500, so I did what I could. I got a GPU from my roommate so that helped a lot. CPU - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz MOBO - ASRock B450M Pro4 GPU - MSI R9 390 8GB RAM - G.Skill Ripjaw V 16GB (2x8GB) Storage - Patriot VPN100 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD...
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    GTA 5 ❭ Money Drop ❭ FREE•SAFE•$2.5K

    Well, I want to use some of the new content so I'm down. Figure I'll mess around on the PC version since I can't much on the Xbox version. Tye595 is my SC. Rules are fine with me and I understand them. Added.
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    Xbox One Saved Game Modding is here. | Vantage

    I bet Microsoft will be all over this with patches.
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    Discussion Two New Xbox Wireless Controllers coming February 7th

    I agree. Their warranty on any controller is a total joke.
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    Discussion Two New Xbox Wireless Controllers coming February 7th

    Shame they still come with a pathetic 90 day warranty.
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    Tye595 Thanks :)
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    [closed]Free Money Lobby

    Tye595 Thanks for this.
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    Solved Should I Upgrade ?

    If anything I'd go with the free Windows 10 upgrade. Worst case, you can roll back to your Windows 7 installation within 30 days. If you opt for the free upgrade just make sure to do it soon because it's not going to be free after this month.
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    Discussion Background music confirmed with a date

    Oh boy! We're finally getting a feature that should have been included since day it was on the older Xbox 360...
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    Discussion so i have preordered the xbox s 2tb

    I plan on getting one. Much prefer having a nice 2TB internal drive without the need for an external. Plus the one I have is crapping out and cuts my games off so I can't use it anymore.
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    Discussion Introducing: Xbox Tube (Beta) - Automatically Save Recorded Clips to YouTube

    I might check this out. The only concern I have is clips that games automatically record when you do something to trigger it. Is there a way to tell the difference so we don't have random clips being uploaded? E: Oh nevermind. I see they're unlisted once they're uploaded. So that works then. :)
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    Tutorial How to empty a public lobby

    I might have to try this. I can't find a single public lobby to do anything in without asshats griefing.
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    2 Day Sale on Selected PS4 Video Games($14.99)@BB

    You forgot to mention it's only PS4 games.
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    SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive: 32GB $2 or 64GB $1 + Free Store Pickup

    64GB is $20 and the 32GB is $15...
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    Grid 2 is FREE

    Gold required for the deal. It's an Xbox 360 title, but it is also backwards compatible to the Xbox One. Enjoy!
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    Discussion Next Xbox Preview Update for Preview Members hitting May/Early June

    Oh boy background music! I can't wait to have a feature that the 360 had from launch!
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    Free 3 months of Reddit Gold by Downloading the Android app and logging in to your account

    I posted a thread on HF about this and just had a member say it worked for them today. So this is still working as far as I'm aware.
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    Discussion Daily Hard / Challenging Missions broken til April 12th Update

    Sweet. Not geared enough for Challenging. Been trying to earn phoenix credits to buy blueprints to craft gear. Now players are going to miss out on a bunch. They really should compensate players for their screw up..
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    Free 3 months of Reddit Gold by Downloading the Android app and logging in to your account

    I'm on Android but according to Reddit, iOS works for this also.
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