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    sc: zach17zach
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    Sc zach17zaCH
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    Recon Boosting

    Inv Morrris87
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    Recon Boosting

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    recon boosting/camo

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    AW Recon Boosting

    Inv Morrris87
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    Aw Camo Boosting

    Send inv Morrris87
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    Jello Mellow recruiting (Gold div, gold tag)

    Invite me my k/d is 1.02 my gt is NEON x EMERALD
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    MBQ clan.. LvL 13 (Gold clan) joinnn!!!

    Inv me: NEON x EMERALD
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    Run&Gun Epidemic RECRUITING!

    Invite me my Gt is: NEON x EMERALD
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    Cod4 Get Like Me V6.7

    Inv me my gt is NEON x EMERALD
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    TeamRushers RECRUITING! | -TR- |

    GT: NEON x EMERALD K/D: 0.99 Rank/prestige: prestige 1 lvl 27 Fav Gamemode: Hardpoint Age: 16
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    Recruiting For Platinum Division Clan

    My K/D is currently 0.99 I'm 2 kills down. My gt is NEON x EMERALD
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    Clan Members Wanted

    Can u please invite me? my gt is: NEON x EMERALD
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    iQ clan level 14

    Can I have an invite my k/d is 1.00 and I am very active. My GT is: NEON x EMERALD
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    [Fear] Fear us LVL 14 Platinum Div CLAN WARS

    I'm in need of a clan, I have a 360 atm but I am getting a one for Christmas I have a 1.00 kid msg me what I can do
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    Exo Survival RIOT (zombie head)

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    Exo Survival on Riot (Obtain Zombie Skin)

    Inv me please: NEON x EMERALD
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    Se7ensins Official: Advanced Warfare Clan!

    Ok I applied :p
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