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    Patched All Consoles Duplication Glitch

    It's not letting me sell the cars after I did one time:/
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    Christmas Presents - The Crew or FarCry4

    why don't you rent them both and see what one you like better
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    3-6 man or 9

    add me to play whenever PSN: wStayner
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    Need players to play S&D on PS4

    Add: wStayner I just need some decent people to play with I always get stuck carrying my team
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    Solved Is the next gen GTA worth it

    I just bought it lol, and man you gotta get more games.
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    Solved Is the next gen GTA worth it

    I feel it like I don't wanna waste $60 to play the game for a couple of weeks then not touch it again Might just wait till a friend gets it then just gameshare it
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    Solved Is the next gen GTA worth it

    I played it on 360 and now I have a ps4 should I get it?
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    Discussion Any one else?

    Same I tore it up yesterday and now I can't even go positive
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    Solved xbox 360 preorder help

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    Solved xbox 360 preorder help

    I preordered on the xbox 360 marketplace but I can't find out where to download it at, help me please
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    Discussion So I called in sick today...

    ditto I hate missing school but I'll definitely have to buy something to stay awake and sleep in my free periods
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    Solved Double XP help

    Bet it was an employee lol sneaky bastards
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    Solved Double XP help

    Actually no they don't lol
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    Solved Double XP help

    I just went to walmart and snapped some pictures of codes but it keeps saying the codes are invalid any help
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    Advanced Warfare "Add Me" Thread

    I play ps4, I have the game preloaded already I play search mostly but I'll play whatever, won't really play search till I have good stuff unlocked. PSN: wStayner
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    6 Man search and destroy team

    Looking for people to have a 6 man team to run on search Add me on PSN: wStayner
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    Discussion 2.0 coming 28/10

    True that I cannot wait to play some friends in 2k
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    Discussion Getting A PS4 For Christmas!

    I just got the Destiny edition PS4 about 3 weeks ago and I love it and I have two glacier controllers, I have ghosts, destiny, nba 2k14, UFC, and I will be going to the midnight release of advanced warfare, also you can add me on psn: wStayner
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    Vault of Glass - Checkpoint Sharing and Requests

    I need another warlock to help me push him off add me on PSN: wStayner
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