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    Solved HELP ME!

    A little later when I'm home
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    Solved HELP ME!

    Yeah, go ahead and reboot.
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    Solved HELP ME!

    Make sure you put all of the files ninja gives you in the download, on the root of hdd1, after that remove the usb if you have used one or if you have one plugged in, then reboot.
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    Solved HELP ME!

    You need to purchase stealth and a kv to be able to go online, I would recommend NiNJA for you to purchase
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    Solved HELP ME!

    It would help if you told us what you needed help with.
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    Solved Jtag freeze

    Try booting without a hard drive
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    Solved Gun shoots really fast on new stealth server?

    I should imagine that this is a game mod that the server owner has implemented for that game but I'm not 100% sure, just changing a server doesn't make your gun do weird things.
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    Solved Jtag freeze

    Just go back through what I told you earlier.
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    | XboxLiveLogon | Modding Service | Mod Menu | LiveStream | Join session |

    Let me just reboot and see if that helps with the connections
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    Discussion 100% Unshared KV's l Email Delivery/KV Auto-Buy 100+ Orders | | Trusted!

    I vouch this service, he gets back to you pretty quick and gets things done quick. I would recommend you purchase off him.
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    Solved RGH Jasper 2 asking for update

    Check if your avatars are blank or not, if they are then just do the update because it will be an avatar update, I have to do them every now and then.
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    Solved Jtag freeze

    If you update to another dash, it will have an updated xell, you should be able to update to the most recent dash.
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    Discussion Any way to continue making money with RGH consoles

    If you're talking about big money, I think that time has gone now, the only real way to make money is off cod mods now, or gta money drops for 360.
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    Solved Looking for mod menu

    Look through this section, there's a bunch of r2r menus all over, what do you mean xkovx can't be downloaded?
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    Solved Jtag freeze

    You need to be able to get on the most recent dashboard to even use a stealth service, so the only way for you to get online is to reflash your console so you can update from there.
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