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    10th Prestige // Unlock All // 70 // Fix Frozen Classes

    legit unlocked all for free :smile:
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    Discovery Is it possible to do XP lobby without second controller?

    More to it as in how? It works 100% I wrote that tutorial alongside my TV to avoid missing any steps or giving out false information it takes literally 10-15 seconds to do so just test yourself. I've put myself into a HC CTF boosting lobby with a group on here using this method and it didn't...
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    Discovery Is it possible to do XP lobby without second controller?

    Not sure if you wanted this posted so mods can delete if needed but I had my fun using this so here it goes. 1. Load to the multiplayer/zombies menu on your main account 2.Sign in the second account you want to add as your "second controller" from the xbox home 3.Once signed in on the SECOND...
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    Sparfire's Custom Gear Shop

    Console: Xbox One GT: -removed- Game: BLPS What level the gear needs to be: Level 70 Gear Codes: Been served thank your for the awesome service.
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    Looking for Win Win Lady Fist and Boomacorn

    Could someone drop me a level 70 Win Win Lady Fist pistol and Boomacorn shotgun. I've tried posting on the dupe/boost thread but they don't have it in their save so sorry ahead if this is against the rules. The guns are only obtainable through gibbeds editor. GT: WE5T SLDE
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    Sparfire's Borderlands 2 & TPS Boosting and Duping Service

    GT: Xbox One The Pre Sequel One level 70 Win Win Lady Fist and a few moonstones.
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    Discussion Would you want this camera setting?

    This is a feature in the game already. Go to Settings>Display>Allow Independent Camera Modes ON.
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    Solved WTF

    Happened to me aswell. I only had 2 mill and ended up with billions. Not complaining about the free cash but I really hope they can wipe it without a ban cause I have a unreal amount of cash even though I haven't had over 4-5 mill since the tunables.
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    Hardmode full run from oracles to atheon. 4 more

    Fixed. Xbox one
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    Hardmode full run from oracles to atheon. 4 more

    Edit: Finished the raid thanks for the help to those who joined.
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    Need 3 more for oracles hard mode xbox one

    Post your gamertag for invite. You must have maxed weapons and either the ghalljahorn or icebreaker for atheon.
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    LF4M Oracles hard mode. X1

    Looking for 4 more to finish hard mode raid from oracles. Post your gt for invite
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    LF 3 more for oracles hard.

    Gamertag does not exist? Edit: Im stupid I found you.
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    LF 3 more for oracles hard.

    Looking for 3 more titans or warlocks to push templar off the ledge for the fifth chest after the oracles. Must have good snipers to cheese oracles. Post gt for invite
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    Need 3 for gatekeepers normal VoG.

    I need 3 players to join and finish the normal raid from gatekeepers before the reset Post your gamertag or message me for a inv
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    VOG Hard Chest Run People Needed

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    Daily/Weekly Strike/Raid Coordination

    Need 3 for final boss on vog raid. Must be level 27+ and know what your doing. (X1)GT: WE5T SLDE
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    Daily/Weekly Strike/Raid Coordination

    Invite me if your trying the last boss. If your not there yet I can host from the final section.
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    Discussion *FREE* GTAO Custom Crew Emblem Service

    You've got my vouch! Updated my crew emblem within 5-10 mins of posting and it looks great!
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    Discussion *FREE* GTAO Custom Crew Emblem Service

    Hey BIG thanks for doing this _Zero_! I love Wutang and always wanted this a crew logo. Hope you can make it work! Edit: Removed info. Thanks for the service.
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