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    Discussion C4 Montage, by eggbom8

    lol love it!
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    [Boosting] EAD Glitch - Challenges

    Re: EAD Glitch - Challenges What glitch?
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    Solved GTA4 JTAG mods, .img files wont open

    you're signature pictures are amazing
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    Discussion HOWTO get outside radiation pokets in MW2

    CTF anyone? :) How about some search and destroy with the bomb hahahah
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    Solved Does anyone know...

    Buy premium :D
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    Tutorial List of Compatible Chipsets for Xbox 360 Flashing.

    Sorry to bump this but just wanted to confirm that the Intel 82801 G(ICH7) chipset works, just flashed my BenQ :)
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    Solved will be flashing xbox 360 1st time.

    iXtreme LT would be the best to use um the firmware will need to be updated whenever a new version is released, and you do it the same way you flash it. xecuter makes a product called the Blaster360, and I'm going to assume thats what you're talking about. It is installed after you flash your...
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    Patched 2 Ways Out of Afghan

    Sounds fun hahah but idk cause me and my friends were messing with ppl on live(literally all we do, i never play serious hahah), and we decided to take the bomb(snd or demolition) outside of the border of the map where the radiation is, and it just returned it... :thumbdown:
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    Discussion Predator missile Glitch(Kind of wallhack) Tutorial

    Maybe if you go somewhere where you can crouch, but not stand, and try to stand and as the "Cannot Stand Here" error is up, call in the missile. Brainstorming here...
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    Discussion Bio's (with pics)

    lol the boxes are dice :D
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    Solved Worry about using 360 as power source when flashing?

    I've heard that Microsoft will flag your console if you have the dvd drive unplugged when it's turned should I really worry about that when I'm flashing my BenQ or is it just a rumor?
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    Solved whats the best ixtreme for hitachi download?

    They are all detectable as of right now. Just wait maybe like a week for LT
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    Discussion Help...

    There is no easy, publicly known way.
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    Discussion Any news on new patch?

    I stopped doing it when I realized how freaking annoying it is <_<
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    Discussion iXtreme LT for LiteOn Officially Released [DOWNLOAD]

    I haven't heard of anybody being banned yet, and I've looked around quite a bit. The only reason you would get banned right now is if you have previously been flagged. BENQ VERSION ALMOST COMPLETE ACCORDING TO TWITTER
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    Solved Safest Lite ON firmware version for XBL?

    iXtreme Lite Touch is supposedly undetectable. Was just recently released. Check it out in the Xbox Discussion forum!
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    Who's to say they can't put a barrier over the whole map?
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    Solved Is a Jtaged Xbox really worth it?

    Around other forums, but just because I'm a 1/10 member doesn't mean I'm a complete dunce. I stick around and try to do my part in the community and help other members out. Sue me.
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    Solved Is a Jtaged Xbox really worth it?

    Well where have you been?
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