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    PC PC Players?

    added you, been watching destiny 1 videos and played the PC beta and I got hooked quick
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    New headset setup?

    I have a pair of the Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 they beat out my old Astros, they have virtual surround sound and are comfortable to wear for hours on end. ps I have a working mic now
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    Discussion Official Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Guild/Ally Thread

    the major thing I like is you don't need to set and babysit it, you can press auto and play the 3 battles and boom onto the next, whats a good way to grind for crystals for characters
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    Discussion Official Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Guild/Ally Thread

    just started playing this tonight, and already liking it.
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    Rocket League

    better add me to this list...
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    Payday 2 Hack/Mods? Pc

    yep thats what I use, easy to use and has a lot of nice features.
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    Payday 2 Hack/Mods? Pc

    that seemed to work now whenever I join a game it just crashes...
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    Payday 2 Hack/Mods? Pc

    make sure to do this, i got a hack and did it without thinking... Now I can only host games
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    WoW Se7enSins Official Realm

    wondering if this is when I was a DPS or when I went to tank...
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    WoW Se7enSins Official Realm

    hey man its where I went where I had a friend at lol I started at horde from darkspear, kept getting ganked by alliance members and I killed swifty once made me happy. also took me 2 weeks to go from 85-86 right when MOP came out Went to Bloodscalp because of the free transfer horde outnumber...
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    WoW Se7enSins Official Realm

    Horde on Trollbane
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    WoW What class do you play as?

    played a blood DK as my main Sides Ret/Prot pally Assign Rouge Arms warrior Druid Hunter Monk Pretty much I have played every class, only really stayed with DK as it is my most geared and my main tank when I played
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    Discussion First person to reach 1 Million gamerscore?

    Dont know why everyone is a Stallion lover..... when it is known he was a member of the legendary 360gamesaves and bought stuff from roofus....
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    Discussion I need advice on xk3y/wasabi..

    You buy it separately, I used a lizard for my DVD drive flashing but the X360USB does it just fine, try to find a retailer of Team Xecuter from the UK and then your good to go they normally will have everything you need, or if you think its too much money for you, you could find someone who does...
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    Discussion World of Warcraft 360 Prototype?

    Should upload and PM certain people like me the download link... blizzard never said they were working on one publicly but after befriending a GM and watched him get promoted he told me his bosses had someone with "xboxs" working on stuff..
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    PC Post Your Steam ID!

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    Discussion Free codes from Mcdonalds Xbox promotion.

    i have like 1 of each of the arcade games and 12 episode codes..... only reason i have so many is because i work there.
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    Discussion Release day games

    Dude its perfectly fine I might look into that game too looks amazing forza is a must for me, never liked battlefield, maybe dead rising 3
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    Discussion Release day games

    So sometime soon hopefully Monday il go pay some more of my xbox 1 off, Im also wanting to pre order 2 or 3 launch titles. So far I have a Xkey so I wont be getting any title that is a cross over, COD: Ghost and Watch Dogs. Was looking into Ryse but after seeing gameplay it doesnt look that...
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    Solved converting modified nand to clean nand

    I know you can get a donor nand if you can pull your KV and something else out of the nand you currently have and make one.
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