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    HardenedVPN: 30Tbps+ DDoS protected, zero-log VPN using Cloudflare Magic Transit

    Just in time for my current VPN’s renewal, I’ll be switching over to this instead. Looks good!
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    Unsolved Using primary Xbox Live profile on an offline RGH 360 resulting in ban?

    Can I know what game you’re talking about? I’m curious
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    News *OFFICIAL* xeBuild 1.21 and dash_launch v3.21 (kernel 17559)

    Not sure but I’d safely assume it’s better to run the latest dashlaunch with the latest dash instead of the old dashlaunch with the latest dash
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    News *OFFICIAL* xeBuild 1.21 and dash_launch v3.21 (kernel 17559)

    Microsoft has nothing on you guys, great work
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    Burning GameCube games to regular dvd-r?

    I have a xenochip modded GameCube with an icedcube shell (allows for regular sized cd/dvd), I’m wondering how I could burn a gamecube iso to a regular sized dvd-r instead of the normal mini’s since they’re more expensive. Would I be wrong to assume some sort of special burning settings are...
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    Discussion Got something in the mail today

    I paid 450 for it and I broke the seals to use the console. I don’t plan to preserve for resale, I planned to use. I even stated that in a comment above a while ago, that’s why I broke the seals 450
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    Unsolved *HELP* Everytime I load Mupen64 360 it freezes. PLEASE HELP

    Where’s your .elf file for mupen that xell is supposed to launch? Is it the xenon.elf?
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    Tools Infinity Loader

    Think he means this
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    Tools Infinity Loader

    Great stuff, can’t wait for the release
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    Discussion Is there a way to mod USF4 of Xbox 360?

    I’m sure it could probably be done, but idk how advanced the modding scene for that game is on 360 so I’m not sure if there’s any advancements already made like tools to ease the process of changing stuff
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    Jasper XNA Final XDK
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    Unsolved Issue with a original Xbox game with my rgh

    Well of course not everything on the list works exactly right, but on the list it says pal is confirmed working. Here’s the 2011 files in a post: Try a pal copy if these files don’t fix...
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    Unsolved Issue with a original Xbox game with my rgh

    Are you using the latest compatibility files? And is it pal?
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    Unsolved Oblivion won’t work in any format

    I’ve tried different iso, formatting it to god, extracting the iso into a folder; essentially this isn’t my first rodeo so I’ve tried different methods of formatting. Screen goes black when trying to load or start a new game. Any ideas why? Tried with and without dlc, googled the issue to find...
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    Discussion Original Xbox dash on 360 S RGH2?

    Someone could definitely create a theme for aurora or fsd to look like this, or even an entirely different xex application made just for this idea, but actually running the official dash is probably impossible, and if it was it’d be a s*** ton of work (like if you did it, you’d shock the community).
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    Unsolved Can't get DLC to work on my rgh

    It definitely has NOTHING to do with how you’re transferring it as long as it’s ending up in the right place. Some dlc require title updates to function, it sounds like that’s what’s happening here since some work and some aren’t. I’d try to find the latest title update somewhere online if you...
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    Xex Menu 1.2 {DOWNLOAD}

    Is your console modded with jtag/rgh? If so, All you should have to do is format a USB under the storage menu on the Xbox 360, install horizon and open it, drop the xexmenu 1.2 file in horizon and save it to your usb. Once done, transfer from usb to your hdd and boot
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    Unsolved XeBuild error trying to update to newest dashboard

    His log says “Disabling FCRT.bin check...” in the middle of it though
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    Solved Stalker in GTA ONLINE keeps following me everywhere

    You implying you work for rockstar or something? Can she report for harassment as well? I’d be surprised if you guys let this slide
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