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    -= Cloud9 Recruitment! =-

    Did the clan leader know, that there is a Cloud 9 clan already and its a ''big clan'' already... Just saying
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    --Eclipse Gaming Now Recruiting!--

    Name: Aku (a finnish name) Age: 16 Mic: a Giotek mic (cheap one), but im getting turtle beach ps22 soon. Console: Ps3 What CODS you have: Mw2, Bo1, Mw3, Bo2, Ghosts Can you change your gamertag/psn: Yes. What Position (Sniper,Modder,Trickshotter,GFX,Video Editor etc.): Sniper (maybe...
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    Eternal Sniping is Recruiting

    First Name: Aku (Its a Finnish name) PSN: exoless Youtube: Yes i do, but there is no videos Age:16 Can Change GT/ETC Within 30 days: yes, i can change it like the day i join What Would GT be? e.g Etrnal GhoSt, Etrnal EtHIC, Etrnal DsyR: Etrnal Exoless Pick one...
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