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    Gamesaves Capture Cards

    If you want a so-so quality one, you can get an EasyCap for about $20 ( A good quality one for $80 (Dazzle...
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    How does my sig look

    Did I do it right? Cause it's only showing a weird looking box in the place..
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    How does my sig look

    I like it :) But how do you set it as your signature? I'm still trying to figure it out.. I don't get how to put it in the signature part. Do I upload it to tinypic or something?
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    Patched How to Make Most Semi-Auto Weapons FULLY AUTOMATIC

    Saw it on YouTube already..
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    The Complete Stock List

    I'm new to the whole modding things.. What are the numbers a the bottom for?
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    Discussion Weapon Database

    I do.. :D GT: x iMoTiioNz x
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    Something New

    I know, but my computer keeps messing it up when I do. I'm not saying you have to duplicate for me, but if you're ever free it would be great if you could.
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    Would someone mind duplicating it for me? GT: x iMoTiioNz x Please and thank you :D
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    Something New

    I'm not too big on modding myself, but would any of you mind duplicating one of your mods for me? GT: x iMoTiioNz x
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