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    Discussion How to Update Offsets [Easiest Method]

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    J-XBDM Release

    And how is there no need for it to be open source? Lol if people are interested in how it works, and it means so little to you, posting the src would be so issue...
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    Discussion TU8 Managed Code List (Post Codes/Sources Here C# and C++)

    The owner of this thread died, can you not change the thread owner or something? posts on posts are getting lost in the archives of off-topic rants on this thread, 72 pages but I bet about 40 are actual releases if that void setPerk(int clientIndex, char*perkName) { int player =...
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    Code Community Codes List

    seig heil
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    BypassNCheater BO3 [TU7/8]

    He's golden lmao
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    Unsolved Working BO3 Bypass

    Why? So you can make profit off it? Lol, dumb kids. Lmao... Meaning, used NiNJA, ran out of time, jumped on PamperedLive. OP: Just keep buying ninja time, charge more for whatever lobbies you're hosting to make up for it, seeing as console production has been terminated all lobbies are going...
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    Unsolved Agent 21

    your solution is to throw your XBOX 360 JFAG out the window
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    Discussion Gun Compare Program v2.0

    Pretty nice app, but can I ask what it has to do with modding?
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    Code Community Codes List

    This is the biggest segment of mis-informed gibberish ive seen in a long attempt to correct people while lacking knowledge, how cute. "By following the assembly of a function, you can determine what instruction you will need in order for your hack to work." L O L. No, altering...
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    Mod Menu Dll Engine Text Off Host Menu | Deception

    Ignore him, he has personal issues.
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    Code Community Codes List

    Literally nothing you just said made any sense.
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    Code Community Codes List

    You shame him yet don't even know how to use IDA...
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    Code Community Codes List

    Like your post count?
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    [TU4] BO3 Off-Host Menu + AImbot

    Recoil = force from round leaving the firearm Spread = trajectory path radius from barrel Recoil does not affect your view angles; it affects your kick angles. Recoil is generated based on your current weapon state when the firearm is shot (hip fire, ads (aim down sight)). Spread and recoil in...
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    [TU4] BO3 Off-Host Menu + AImbot

    lobbies* (sig)
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    Code Community Codes List

    Thread is being buried R.I.P What tokens? Prestige tokens? I heard they are only on nextgen, just references exist inside oldgen images. EDIT: BGB Tokens? I have no idea what BGB means, bubble gum xxxx?
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    BO3 WreckedM8 Offhost Menu (Updated But Removed Stuff)

    You cannot call a source ****** if you're a noob yourself; you have no idea what a good source is. Golden is known for his dirty terribly slow code, but you can't comment seeing you couldn't do better yourself. If you can't update; say no. Pretending to be a god gets you no where, admit to the...
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    BO3 WreckedM8 Offhost Menu (Updated But Removed Stuff)

    How can you not update a source? Are you sure you're not just crappy? Why not post this source, we'll see the real reason why it would be hard to update.
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    Code Community Codes List

    Could you PM me the xex?
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