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    Runescape Oldschool RS Video + Get money

    Alright so i had spare time and spare money so i suggest you just go check out my new vid : Feel free to participate if you wish and you can always add me to play together :smile:
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    Glitch related Achievement (Killed by guardians)

    Basically if you fall down the map you can get killed by guardians and get an achievement. There is plenty of way to do so but i did doing the ascension super bounce found here
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    Discussion Super Bounce Confirmed Working W/Proof and Explanation

    dam that explanation is huge, you just have to write or say "Jump from a higher height for doing bounces and jump where 2 textures changes, and don't forget to charge"
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    Discussion Super Bounce Confirmed Working W/Proof and Explanation

    Basically "normal" super bounces require a bit more work which is written in the youtube description Works on almost any super bounces : for people saying it's h2 :
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    Discussion Halo 5 Discussion

    that's why there is a BETA so early so they know what WE like and WE dislike = they'll have to adjust = don't hate before it's released
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    Discussion how are people arlready playing?

    I guess they have internet connections
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    Discussion super bounces

    someone said on the hackers forum that he did super bounce, but no proof so .. might be lies!
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    Discussion Free Halo??

    yea sure he'll get banned for not being able to purchase the game but being able to install it, right that makes total sense. NOT, it's their fault not his
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    Team of Glitchers?

    IMO we should try to look for glitches in H2A
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    Discussion Free Halo??

    it's been a week and i reinstalled it 2 days ago
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    Discussion Free Halo??

    I don't know for me but i installed and and got refunded through chat, cancelled the installation and could reinstall it so i did and now it's says unavailable, so i hope i get it free o.O EDIT : Take a look
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    Discussion Halo MCC vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    I think that COD will def get more sales as it's COD but for the best community = halo
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    Discussion Super Bounces Out [RIP]

    I just saw something that makes sense! Maybe it was not working as there are no DEDICATED SERVER in custom matches, which mean he was the HOST which can be the reason he wasn't super bouncing?
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    Discussion With every thing we liked OUT of the game

    Basically they made halo into a COD, they change the maps/graphics, and make us buy a new game and they remove the glitches
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    Discussion With every thing we liked OUT of the game

    It'll basically be playing halo 2 with remade map and new players, new sounds and new s***s, but it remains the same thing right? Won't people get tired of it and stop playing as it'll be exactly the same ? I'm wondering if i should really get it right now cause i'm watching the streams and ... yea.
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    Discussion Super Bounces Out [RIP]

    i'll try it tomorrow so i'll see then
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    Discussion Super Bounces Out [RIP]

    Yea i've watched, but i'm sure it's because they suck , they had difficulty to crouch jump #RIP
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    Discussion how old were u when u received your first halo and if u got any fond memories of the game

    Played halo 1 when it came out.. so i was ... 6 years old LOL holy **** no wonder why i don't know what else to do in my life than play video games #RIP Best memory was ALMOST making it to a local Halo 2 Tournament but our team leaders had a dispute and ****ed everything up , ended up with no...
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    Discussion The Crew

    Beta is ended? f***.. If anyone has a spare code :/
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