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    Discussion Shanghai Dragons release eight players following 0-40 Overwatch League season

    Though I am not surprised they released practically the whole roster, it was for the best. Building around a few players is what I would do for the team.
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    Discussion D.Va Gets Her Own New Animated Short!

    I loved this short, if there was only one of me next. :c
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    Discussion Black Ops 4 Beta Code Drop Thread

    Took Z1MP-Y833S-DMD4 :)
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    Discussion Most Over-Powered Heroes?

    REAPER! I have been a Reaper main since season 2, and I still wreck as him. He is OP AF
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    Pretty sweet vid!
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    Fastest XP Lobby [Closed]

    Read the rules and you can get in. :smile: It's in the front of the thread.
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    Fastest XP Lobby [Closed]

    Legit. GT: zH Emo Sniper. :thumbsup:
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    Need A Team

    Are you wanting comp or just a mate for qp and arcade? If comp, I'm only 1966 right now, lol. You'd probably not want to play with me.
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    Discussion Overwatch What level are you.

    I am 217 and getting my second gold wep now!
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    Tutorial How To Fix The Disc Install Failure Issue

    It isn't working for me, I only am able to when I go to the store, it directs me to the hub.
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    Discussion Overwatch Golden Lootbox

    What a rip, I don't have Amazon Prime to get Prime for Twitch.
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    Discussion Most Played Hero/Favorite Hero?

    This area is pretty active, so I'd like to ask all y'all: What is your favorite hero to use or your most played hero? Mine is Junkrat with hours on QP= 210 hours and with 36 hours on QP, what are yours?!
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    Discussion Overwatch Golden Lootbox

    You can get it only by having Twitch Prime?
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    Oblivion's 100% FREE Black Ops 2 Remote Recoveries! | Free Unlock All | Legit/Insane Stats + More!

    :wtf:Oh I was supposed to do it on the thread? Okay! GT: NoMic so NoPlay Prestige: 11th Stats: Legit Extra info: Unlock All. Thanks!
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    Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge

    I finally have gotten into other Blizzard games other than Overwatch and im getting into HotS and was wondering if anyone wanted to do the Nexus challenge with me so I can get some new skins for Overwatch and cool things for HotS! Let me know and tell me your battle ID's or whatever!
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