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    Discussion Banned OG Gamertags

    I had a 2 letter GT and it was forced changed one day. I made it the same day as a couple 3 letters. This was around 2009 too. Just was typing on xbox site creating accounts. I just wish I could get that 2 letter back again
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    I sent you a message on xbox live. Hope to hear back from you.
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    Team Hardcore Boosting

    I would love to do this!! GT: ouv
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    Boosting 50s in MCC

    I would like to do this! GT: ouv
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    PC Post Your Steam ID!

    Steam ID:76561197982872003 Region:North America Timezone:Eastern Times Available:All throughout the day Games: Any game that can play with others
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    Destiny "Add-Me" Thread

    Xbox one GT: ouv
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    PC - Mafia 2 Mods

    No luck sir, said it wasn't for my version of the game.
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    PC - Mafia 2 Mods

    I just recently got into Mafia 2, what a great game. Have been doing good and enjoying the game. Now, remember people, I'm on, it's a mod site. Do mods/trainers not work for this game anymore? I've been trying all day, get some say "Not Compatible" and then some work but crash. I...
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    Discussion halo 4 boosting kill

    You can mod your commendations
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    PC Post Your Steam ID!
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    Discussion Halo "Xbox One" confirmed as Halo 5

    If I could like this 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 x10000000000000000000000000 I would, people think Halo 3 was the best because, one they played Halo 2 custom games/campaign, never online. Their xbox Originals don't even have the update on it, so you're right, they never played it in...
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    GTA 5 for PC??? When??

    I've seen some videos on YouTube that have people that seems to be on PC because it says Press [E] to BLAHBLAHBLAH
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    Discussion Halo "Xbox One" confirmed as Halo 5

    I hope it's a basic Halo game, but won't happen. It'll be a Halo 4, 343i tried a little to get H4 a bit better, but I barely even turn my xbox on now. I actually was considering doing some XBC again on the old beast console
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    XP Boost

    I'm trying to get my halo 4 50's first
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    Discussion Why can't I back out of MM when it's a game in progress?

    Thanks guys, the network trick is the best, but you have to do it fast.
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    I would like to boost, I have 2 xboxs and 8 controllers
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    Game Mods [Release] Gun Game

    Not bashing or saying I'm better in that kind of way, I was just confused on why that person let so many people walk past, but I mean, if you were just trying to show off the game type, and not got MLG on it, then you did a great job on that. I wouldn't want someone who went 18-0 and got all the...
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    Video I posted this video on the Waypoint forums and got banned

    I watched the whole thing, great video man. It was hilarious and very true. I do miss Halo 3 a lot, like everyone, and I do miss Reach. But my Halo fan boy self won't let me just quit Halo 4 now. I'm only SR 107 and I need to at least get all the individual playlists and one team playlist to a...
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    Game Mods [Release] Gun Game

    Whoever was playing, wasn't very good, I saw so many people walk right in front of them and just get killed. Sweet gametype for sure. I remember this in Counter Strike back in the day.
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