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    Patch Hoster's | Free | Staff Vouches | Mod Menu | Open | TU8

    Legit! Legit! Legit! Legit! Legit! Legit! Legit! Legit! Thanks a lot man!
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    Patch Hoster's | Free | Staff Vouches | Mod Menu | Open | TU8

    Just would like Unlock all. But I sent you a private chat. I don't want to post my GT but you will know it when you see it ;) Thanks man. Will post Legit once in
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    Patch Hoster's | Free | Staff Vouches | Mod Menu | Open | TU8

    Patch Hoster are you still doing this? Says your offline now
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    Discussion Xbox Ambassador

    This is real because I'm an xbox live Ambassador now
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    Discussion Maybe I can get unbanned or play reach online

    My friend just got perm banned for doing his GPD lmfao! oh well thank god i never did it :D It wasnt this week challenge either it was just for fun
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    Discussion What ever happend to xXSAVIORS0ULXx

    Omg I just got back into Reach just alittle bit and remembered always having this guy in my party and he said he was musician and doesnt get time to play games much i was just like....gtfo That is sooo funny though that sucks lol :D oh well
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    Grifball Boosting

    Very interested in doing this haven't been on Halo for a long time Gt - Positive
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    Griffball boosting

    Getting back into Halo Want to start boosting send me a message Gt: Positive
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    Solved Repairing my ROD

    I thought they fixed this kind of thing for free but now I see they charge? Is there anyway i can somebody get passed this so I can get a free repair? Thanks
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    Discussion RvB donut

    I really dont know how RvB is even funny I watched some and didnt laugh once. They suck
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    Discussion Free windows 7 phone avatar prop

    I know how to get this prop as well message me if you want it
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    Beta bans

    The game is terrible anyway lmao I dont care
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    Discussion Should I?

    This is the same kid that told everybody that he was changing his main tag to surprise and somebody jacked it while he was changing it lol
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    Discussion gamertag

    I have girl gamertag names :) I get so many F/R and messages on them...sickos dont let her have a girl gamertag
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    Discussion gamertag

    Whats her name?
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    Discussion The New Mortal Kombat

    We wont get a demo and im really pissed off that they are so ps3 dedicated with the game its really retarded But still cant wait for it Everyone should add my MK dedicated GTs Kintaro Khameleon Finish Him Animality :D
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    Discussion Netflix accounts with one month trial

    I just found this funny no offense =P
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    Discussion Giving Away Gamertags

    Can i please get Materia because im a huge final fantasy fan and i would love that GT :D
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    Discussion FREE Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

    already bought it but this is great
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    Discussion 48 hour Giveaway

    they need to lock threads to view topics bc there are so many lechers just stealing free codes
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