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  1. jackharvest

    Solved So, the Xecuter USB Pro V2 is Discontinued. I don't have one. What now?

    I just inherited a Slim. Using Nooberts guide, I've found I'm of the following setup: Lite-On DG-16D4S 0225, Winbond Kamikaze Required. I hooked it up to my SATA on my motherboard, it sees the drive, but wont dump the keys. More reading says the 0225 FW makes it difficult to just use any-ol...
  2. jackharvest

    Tutorial List of Compatible Chipsets for Xbox 360 Flashing.

    I can report that my ASROCK mobo with chipset "AMD RD9x0" and "SB910/950" Southbridge worked the trick just great.
  3. jackharvest

    Tutorial How To Back-up Xbox360 Games

    Is this still the best method for making backups of our originals? It's insane how fast the methods change and how slow Google tends to trend them to the top. Just flashed the dvd drive (samsung) and am looking to make a backup to test my success or not on the newly flashed drive. Is the drive...
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