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    Edge Gaming is now recruiting!

    Hey guys I'm letting you know that Edge gaming is now accepting members o all skill types to join our team! There are 3 divisions you can join. Casual, Competitive and Sniping. Requirements: Must have a mic Must be loyal/dedicated must be skilled Must have a Skype or kik We are black ops 2...
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    --Eclipse Gaming Now Recruiting!--

    Name: ben Age: 18 Mic: yes Console: ps3 What CODS you have: bo2 mw2 mw3 aw ghosts Can you change your gamertag/psn: yes What Position (Sniper,Modder,Trickshotter,GFX,Video Editor etc.): slayer/ obj How long til you can change your gamertag/psn: immediately Other clans you have been in: hyp evo...
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    Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    Name: BEN Position/Role: Obj/ SLayer Availability: every night Preferred console: ps3 Contact method: [email protected] v2ace Time Zone: estern
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    I Made A MLG B02 Clan! Add: Spam_Fadee For Info

    PSN: oohsocial Where You Live: canada Age: 18 KD: 1.37 What can you bring to this clan: experience, league play dedication loyalty hardworking kik me @v2ace or skype me @ben.albert108 i sent you guys a friend request
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    Lucify now Recruiting!

    Name: ben Age: 18 Mic (Yes/No): yes What type of Mic you have: turtle beach ghost edition Console: ps3 What CODS you have: bo2 mw3 mw2 ghosts aw Can you change your psn: yes What Position (Sniper,Modder,Trickshotter,Normal Player, Rusher,GFX,Video Editor etc.): OBJ Rusher/ league player Youtube...
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